Breeding Gilt Show


Scott Rodgers - Superintendent

Breeding Gilt Show Application


1.  RULES/REGULATIONS:  Entries made in this division shall be subject to and each exhibitor agrees to abide by the General Rules and Regulations and Department Requirements as published in this exhibitor handbook.


2.  ENTRY LIMITATION:  There will be no entry limitations per breed or per class in this event.


3.  OWNERSHIP:  All entries must be owned and continuously cared for by the exhibitor from June 30 through the show date of the Fair.


4.  VALIDATION:  For the purpose of validation any cross gilt may enter solely in the Titus County Fair Breeding Gilt Show and they may dual enter in both the Titus County Fair Breeding Gilt Show and the Titus County Fair Market Hog Show.  Each entry will incur a $25 entry fee, however, if a cross is dual entered only one Titus County Fair ear tag is required (the same ear tag number will be used on both entry forms.)  All Breeding Gilts must be validated no later than September 01, 2024


5.  Animals entered in registered classes must be registered in the exhibitor's name in their respective breed association on or before September 01, 2024.  Partnerships are allowed.  The name of the exhibitor must be listed on the registration papers.  (Example: "Sally Smith and Johnny Smith" are listed on the registration paper.  Either Sally or Johnny may exhibit the gilt.  If "Smith Family" is listed on the registration papers, neither child would be allowed to exhibit the gilt.)  Animals with the farm and range names listed as the owner will not be allowed to compete.


6.  All pure breed gilts must have original registration papers at the show, no copies or electronic copies will be allowed.


7.  ENTRIES:  Gilts must be officially entered in the Titus County Fair Breeding Gilt Show no later than September 1, 2024.  $25.00 entry fee per gilt.  Entry fee and entry form must be delivered to the Titus County Fair Office by 4pm on September 1st. 


8.  CLASSES:  All animals should be born no earlier than January 1st.  All pure breed gilts must have papers in the exhibitors name with the breed registry.


9.  Classes will be broken as evenly as possible within breed according to birthdate for pure breeds.  All crosses will be shown by weight.


10.  All pure breed gilts will be shown in birth date groups.  All cross gilts will be shown by weight, there will be no weigh back, gilts will use the weight entered for the market show.  Gilts not making weight for the market show cannot exceed 340 lbs.  Gilts not entering the market show must have weight and breed as of 6 p.m. Wednesday September 25th, 2024 of the fair turned in to the superintendent.


11.  All Gilts must be in the barn by Wednesday, September 25th, 2024 by 12:00 p.m.


12.  BREEDS:  Berkshire, Chester White, Duroc, Hampshire, Landrace, Poland China, Spotted, Yorkshire and Crossbred.

       It will take 3 to make a breed, if not three will show as ORB.