Wether Doe Show



Superintendent: Serina Betts Sbetts@chisddevils.com 
RULES/REGULATIONS: Entries made in this department shall be subject to and each exhibitor agrees to abide by the General Rules and Regulations. 
The entry fee is $25.00 per Doe. Entries are due by 4:00 pm on Sept 1, 2024, to the Titus County Fair Office. Late entries will not be accepted. 
Classes offered are Junior, Intermediate, Senior Showmanship, Grand Wether Doe, and Reserve Wether Doe 
Exhibitors will be allowed to use collars or halters in the show ring. All animals must be shown and treated ethically in all aspects of the show. 
Does must be under the exhibitor's control at all times. 
Exhibitors must follow the Titus County Fair Junior Market Show general rules.  
Doe must be free of external parasites and fungus.  
Horns must be blunt-tipped at showtime. Anyone removing horns during the Titus County Fair will be disqualified. 
ENTRY LIMITATION: This show is intended to be an exhibition for does suited for market wether production. Does are not required to be registered. All breed types will show together. 
There is no limit on the number of entries or cross-entry in the market show. 
OWNERSHIP: All entries must be owned and continuously cared for by the exhibitor from September 1, 2024, through the show date of the Fair. 
VALIDATION:  Ownership of Does will be verified by either a 2024 Titus County Fair Tag, a Texas Majors Official Validation tag, or a signed statement from the CET/AST leader including the complete scrapie tag number written on the entry form. 
GROOMING: Animals are eligible for full fit including glues, paints, etc. NO artificial hair or twine SHOW WEIGHTS: All goats must meet the minimum weight requirement of 50 lbs, there is no maximum weight. Weights will be determined at the official weigh-in 
WEIGH-IN: Does will be weighed with market goats during weight validation times at the Titus 
County Fair 
CLASSES: Classes will be broken by weight. 

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