Livestock General Rules/Regulations




September 22nd - September 28th, 2024

NOTICE: All exhibitors are cautioned to read carefully the following rules and regulations as same will be strictly enforced without deviation of any kind.

The Titus County Fair Association reserves to its Officers and/or Board of Directors the final and absolute right to interpret these rules and regulations as set forth and arbitrarily settle and determine all matters, questions, and differences in regard thereto or otherwise arising out of, connection with, or incident to the show and/or sale. The Officers and or Board of Directors reserves the right to amend or add to these rules as it, in its judgment, may deem advisable.

Unsportsmanlike conduct, including, but not limited to inappropriate conversation or comments on any social network, of any contestants, parents and/or family members and judges will not be tolerated. Any unsportsmanlike conduct may result in disqualification from competition and/or withdrawal of titles/auction proceeds.


1. All participants and additional exhibitors in the Titus County Show must be bona fide Titus County 4-H members (who are at least 9 years of age or will be in the third grade in September of the current year) or bona fide Titus County FFA members at fair time. Eligible participants include 4-H or FFA members who attend Titus County schools or are a resident of Titus County and have not graduated. Titus County Fair honors the "No Pass - No Play" UIL Rules.  

NOTICE - Students who participate in other local or county show premium and/or terminal sales are not eligible to also qualify for the Titus County Premium Sale within the same calendar year.  Exceptions may only be made by the executive rules committee in events such as but not limited to, an exhibitor moves from one county to Titus County.  An exemption must be granted in writing before tag in for that specie.

 2. A premium sale will be held in connection with the Market Show of the Titus County Fair. The sale will be limited to 80% of eligible exhibitors (those who showed in the show) in steers, hogs, broilers, lambs, goats, meat rabbits to the maximum of 20 steers, 20 hogs, 20 broilers, 20 lambs, 20 goats and 20 meat rabbits. 

 In determining the 80%, we will round up if it is .5 or above and drop down if it is .4 or below.  Floral Design will have 2 lots in the premium sale and the next 5 lots in the silent auction. The Agri-Mechanic projects will have 10 premium lots in sale and 10 silent auction lots. The silent auction will begin at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, September 28, 2024, and will end 15 minutes after the live auction. Auction will start with Grand and Reserve Champions, Steers, Hogs, Broilers, Lambs, Goats, Ag-Mech, Rabbits and Floral Design.  The remaining lots (after steers) will rotate from year to year.  Example starting in 2023 Hogs, 2024 Broiler, 2025 Lambs, 2026 Goats, 2027 Ag Mechanics, 2028 Meat Rabbits. 

3. Any and all of the requirements of the Texas Animal Health Commission will be met.

4.  A completed and signed entry form, W-9 and non-refundable entry fee of $25.00 are due before or at the beginning of each feeding period. Entries are not official until these items have been completed and signed. Any outstanding balances owed to the Fair Association must be paid in full before an entry is official.

 5. The tag in for lambs, goats, steers, broilers, rabbits and hogs can be done as a family unit (siblings living together in same household) this year.  Each family can enter as many animals in each of the categories as they want BUT each child can only check in 2 animals/pens to show in the fair. Standard entry fees apply to all animals.   (Use the Family Tag in Form) Every 25 chickens considered 1 entry, every 6 rabbits are considered 1 entry and commercial heifer will pay per tag. Ex: feed 8 heifers pay for 8 tags/entries ; family wants to feed 100 chicks, 100/25=4 entries; family wants to feed 18 rabbits, 18/6=3 entries

 6. Each contestant may exhibit two (2) animals/pens in any or all of the market categories, however, they will be allowed only one lot in the premium sale. 

 7. No subbing animals in sale slots.  If a contestant has two animals making the sale and wants to keep the higher placed animal, the higher slot will be forfeited and only the lower slot will be sold.  (Example:  one animal in the 3rd slot, one animal in the 10th slot.  To keep the 3rd place animal, that slot is forfeited, and only the 10th slot will be sold.) Exemptions on the basis of state fair will no longer be allowed.  If the buyer declares “buy back” as the animal destination, that animal then becomes property of the Titus County Fair. The exhibitor has the first right of refusal to buy back that project.

8. Animals in the market show will be placed at the Judge's discretion.

9. A 5% sale commission or $15, whichever is greater, will be subtracted from the proceeds of the sale (as well as add-ons) to defray expenses. (photos, advertising, building upgrades, bedding, new panels etc.)

10. All entries in the premium sale will be sold to the highest bidder only once for the benefit of the exhibitor. No pass outs will be allowed after animal has entered the sale ring. Any subsequent resale of the animal at the request of the buyer must take place at the conclusion of the auction, and resale must benefit a non-profit organization.

11. Each participant in the show is expected to invite several prospective buyers to the premium sale. Buyers may request an exhibitor list (comprised of market and breeding exhibitors) from the Titus County Fair only after check-in is complete.

12. No tranquilizers, drugs or medicated feed can be used within allowed withdrawal times. Any exhibitor whose animal is determined to have been on illegal drugs or have not been removed from use of legal drugs for the allowed withdrawal will be disqualified and will forfeit all prize money. The Titus County Fair Association reserves the right to have blood or urine laboratorial analysis made on any animal entered for competition. Any medication administered after arrival at the fairgrounds must be done by a licensed veterinarian and the appropriate committee chairman notified before the medication is given.

13. Each participant must be present to show and sell his/her entry.  This includes those exhibitors who are in the silent auction. Medical or family emergencies may be the only exception per committee approval.   

14. Any questions concerning the rules will be referred to the rules committee and their decision will be final.

15. Rules committee will consist of each division superintendent and the livestock director. The rules executive committee shall consist of both market and breeding division superintendents, livestock director along with one representative Ag teacher from each school and one county agent.  General Rule changes may only be made at a general livestock meeting, seeing that there is a quorum (60% of contest superintendents) present of contest superintendents and led by the livestock director. General livestock meetings may be called by the Livestock Director or any 3 of the superintendents.

 16. Any formal protest must be submitted in written form with a $100.00 cash deposit, to the chairman of the livestock division in which the protest is directed. Protests must be submitted to the livestock committee chairman 24 hours before the sale begins. The protest fee will be refunded only if the protest is upheld by the executive rules committee.

17. Scale weights and judges’ decisions are final and exempt from protest.

NEW 18. Entries should arrive by the following times

·         Market Steers, Market Lambs, Market Goats, Market Hogs – Wednesday September 25th 12:00 p.m.

·         Breeding Ewe, Gilt, Heifer Entries - Wednesday September 25th 12:00 p.m.

·         Ag Mechanics- Tuesday September 24th at 3:30 p.m. through Wednesday September 25th at 2:00 p.m.

·         {C}{C}Meat Rabbits – Thursday September 26th at 5:00 p.m.   

·         Market Broilers - Wednesday, September 25, 2024 at 5:00 p.m.


19. Exhibitors are encouraged to keep exhibit area presentable to the general public. Decorations are encouraged.

 20. Showmanship classes will be uniform for all divisions with three age classes and decided at the judge’s discretion. Exhibitors must use their own animal for showmanship. (Supreme Showmanship is excluded)

          Junior Division - 3rd grade to 5th grade 
          Intermediate Division - 6th grade to 8th grade
          Senior Division - 9th grade to 12th grade

          Livestock Director's Supreme Senior Showmanship - Students who win their individual species in senior showmanship then may compete for supreme senior showman.  Each exhibitor who wins their species (market & breeding) will then show in a "round robin" showmanship of each species.  Exhibitors may not “show up” an age division to be eligible for the supreme showmanship competition. This contest will be judged by a separate judge from that of the market or breeding judge.  The Supreme Showman will be announced before the first lot of the premium sale.  The prize for this contest shall be a buckle, a traveling trophy, and a $500 cash prize sponsored by the Livestock Director. Exhibitors who have won the supreme showmanship in previous years are still eligible to participate. If the same exhibitor wins the supreme showmanship 3 years in a row, the traveling trophy will be retired to that exhibitor and a new trophy will be started.

21. If a tag comes out or is otherwise lost, it is the responsibility of the exhibitor to notify
the respective division superintendent immediately and arrange for a new tag to be installed.

22. The Fair Association or Show Committee cannot make any guarantees that any market
animal will sell due to the above rules and regulations.

23.  Any sick or injured animals cannot enter the livestock show area or grounds.

24.  No aisle/butt fans.

 25.  No artificial fill (pumping). Drench guns are allowed.

26.  Titus County Fair will be a blow & go show for cattle only (steers and heifers). Sheep, Goats, and Swine can be fitted. No artificial hair or filler of any kind may be used. Paint can not be used to alter an animals natural color on any show animal. 

NEW 27. For market weights, show superintendents will take only one weight. If that animal weighs outside the stated parameters, one immediate reweigh will be allowed. Reweight time is at the discretion of the show superintendent.

NEW 28. By entering and exhibiting a livestock project at the Titus County Fair you automatically grant permission for the use of your project for the Livestock Judging Contest and the Special Needs Show. Failure to comply with this rule will result in disqualification and forfeiture of any titles and sale qualifications. 

NEW 29.  Any exhibitor that qualifies more than 1 species of animal for the sale, must go to the Livestock Office to designate which species of animal they will sell in the Jr Livestock Auction, so the sale program can be completed. The exhibitor has one hour after the close of the last species of animal they show to choose which animal they will sell in the Jr. Livestock Auction.

30.  Any exhibitor that qualifies for the sale will be required to have a photo taken by the official fair livestock photographer following the placing of the sale order. 

NEW 31.  All exhibitors must deliver their photo from the livestock show to their buyer within 30 days of the photos being made available.  Exhibitors are required to obtain a signed acknowledgement that the buyer has received their photo.  The exhibitors must bring the signed acknowledgement to pick up their check by the end of the year in which the fair occurred. Checks not picked up by December 31st  or 30 days after if checks are released in December then they will be forfeited with their proceeds being distributed to the other livestock exhibitors that were in the sale as an additional add on.

 32. Exhibitors who did not exhibit a project at the Titus County Fair will not be eligible for add-ons.

33. Any participant failing to abide by the above rules can be disqualified from future participation.