Agri- Mechanics

Ag Mechanics



Jacob Crabb - Chairman

Entry Form

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Location:  Titus County Fair Livestock Pavilion

2016 Sponsors:  Air Gas Supply, A & E Welding Supply, Best Fender Products, Boring-Smith Industrial, Bradford's, Cinema VI, Diamond C Trailer, JMS Metal, Lincoln Welders, Matheson Welding, Pleasant Bowling


Titus County Agriculture Mechanic Contest Rules

1.  Eligible participants for Market Division include 4-H or FFA members who attend school in and reside in Titus County. Eligible participants for Open Division include 4-H or FFA members who attend school in Titus, Morris, Camp, Franklin or Red River Counties.

2.  Students may enter as individuals, partners (two or more students), or as part of a chapter entry.  However, students can not be part of both an individual AND partner or chapter entry.  Chapter entries will not specify names of students who constructed the project and will not be eligible for the sale.  Only individual and partner entries will be eligible for the sale.  Chapter entries will count toward Chapter Sweepstakes Awards.

3.  There will be no limit on chapter or club projects in the open division.  Individuals and/or partnerships will be limited to one entry in the market show.  An entry fee of $25.00 will be charged for each project in the show and is due by Friday, September 15, 2017.  

4.  Projects must be in place by 3:00 p.m. Thursday, September 28, 2017.  Projects will be judged at 5:00 p.m. Thursday, September 28, 2017.  Sale of Ag Mechanics top two (2) market projects in each of the five (5) classes will be in conjunction with the livestock auction.  The next 10 will be sold by silent auction between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. on Saturday, September 30, 2017.  Exhibitors must be present during silent auction.  

5.  Open Division projects and Market Division projects that require opening other gates to release, that make the sale or not, must stay until 10:00 p.m. Saturday, September 30, 2017.  All remaining Ag Mechanics projects may be removed from the fairgrounds after 10:00 p.m. Saturday, September 30, 2017 or on Sunday anytime.

6.  Exhibitors must be present during judging and available to answer questions from the judge about the construction and/or function of the project.  Exhibitors not present at the time of judging will be disqualified.

7.  Judging of projects will be based on:
          a.  Workmanship (30 pts)
          b.  Design & Materials Used (20 pts)
          c.  Practicality (20 pts)
          d.  Degree of Difficulty (10 pts)
          e.  General Appearance & Finish (10 pts)
          f.   Presentation & Knowledge of the Project (10 pts)       
Total = 100 points

8.  Ribbons will be given for each project based on the following score:
          a.  Blue = 90 - 100 points
          b.  Red = 80 - 89 points
          c.  White = Below 80 points

9.  The Ag Mechanics Show will consist of two divisions:

         a.  Market Division - There will be 5 classes in the market division.   The top two entries in  
          each class will be sold.  (Total of ten projects will be sold in auction, next 10 wil be eligible for
          silent auction). 
               I.  Outdoor Furniture (picnic tables, lawn chairs, patio planters, etc.)
              II.  Indoor Furniture/Crafts (lamps, desks, tables, etc.)
             III.  Farm Equipment (fencing equipment, tractor equipment, etc.)
             IV.  Trailers (bumper pull, gooseneck, and anything with axle)
              V.  Recreational Equipment (smokers, deer stands, deer feeders, etc.)

          b.  Open Division - There will be 3 classes.  Entries in this division will not be sold.
               I.  Trailers
              II.  Non-Trailers
             III.  Tractor

10.  There will be a Champion and Reserve Champion Project for each of the market and open divisions.  Projects in different divisions will not compete against each other.

11.  There will be an Organizational Sweepstakes Award given to the organization with the highest total points per organization.  Individuals, partnerships, and chapter/club entries will count towards the sweepstakes award,  An organization is considered to be either an FFA chapter or a 4-H Club.  Point per entry will be totaled for each organization.  The organization with the highest total points will be awarded a plaque.  Points will be as follows:
          a.  1st place in class = 5 pts.
          b.  2nd place in class = 3 pts.
          c.  3rd place in class = 1 pt.
          d.  Grand Champion within a division = 5 pts.
          e.  Reserve Champion within a division = 3 pts.

12.  All general Titus County Rules must be followed as outlined in the fair catalog.

13.  Prefabricated or Kit Projects will not be permitted.

14.  Titus County Fair will not be responsible for projects in case of loss or damage.

15.  Exhibitors must be present during the sale to take projects into the sale arena.

16.  Any deviation from these rules will require action from the Livestock Show Executive Board.

17.  Students are required to get with buyers to arrange for delivery of projects.


Additional Information:  Jacob Crabb   903-466-1349


2015 Results


Name Project Place School Market Division
Project Class
Victor Alvarado Land Plane 1 Rivercrest FFA Farm Equipment  
Ryleigh Stegall ATV Disk 2 CH FFA Farm Equipment  
Blake Porter Hay Spike 3 MP FFA Farm Equipment  
Nathan Hill 16' Entrance Gate 4 Rivercrest FFA Farm Equipment  
Jacob Eudy Goat Feeder 5 Rivercrest FFA Farm Equipment  
Harley Stegall Chicken Nesting Boxes 6 CH FFA Farm Equipment  
Riley Russell Tractor Safety Lift 7 Rivercrest FFA Farm Equipment  
Keeley Henry &
Ramiro Gonzalex
Bed 1 Ch FFA Indoor Furniture
Madison Wells Wood Coat Rack 2 Rivercrest FFA Indoor Furniture
Taylor Sargent
Michael Mathis
Dining Table 3 CF FFA Indoor Furniture
Noah O'Dell Table 4 CH FFA Indoor Furniture
Mark Gable Wooden Cross 5 Rivercrest  FFA Indoor Furniture
Christian Ingram Porch Swing 1 MP FFA Outdoor Furniture Grand
Kaiton Jackson 
Katie Lyles
Outdoor Cooler 2 CH FFA Outdoor Furniture  
Caleb Walton Bench 3 Rivercrest FFA Outdoot Furniture  
Zoe Carlisle Pallet Feed Box or
Pallet Cooler
4 CH FFA Outdoor Furniture  
Drew Hughes Swing 5 CH Jr FFA Outdoor Furniture  
Shelby Young Picnic Tables
6 MP FFA Outdoor Furniture  
Max Daniel Picnic Table 7 CH Jr FFA Outdoor Furniture  
Triston Blackwell Picnic Table 8 Rivercrest FFA Outdoor Furniture  
Ruston Jones
Will Phillips
Bench 9 CH DDA Outdoor Furniture  
Tiffany Hudson
Shanna Baxley
Braylin Barker
Cooler 10 MP FFA Outdoor Furniture  
Moses Baldazo
Pablo Cordova
Wagon Wheel
Tractor Seat
11 Rivercrest FFA Outdoor Furniture  
Reed Stickels Yard Art 12 MP FFA Outdoor Furniture  
Rylee French Shadow Box 13 CH Jr FFA Outdoor Furniture  
Michael Hughes
Cody Dubey
David Azvala
Hog Trap 1 CH FFA Recreational 
Chase Vaughn
Kyle Reynolds
Pig Trap 2 MP FFA Recreational 
Kamron Kelley Hexagon Barbeque Pit 3 Rivercrest FFA Recreational 
Alex Banda
Alex Organista
Tristin Holliday
Fire Pit 4 CH FFA Recreational 
Jared Anderson Receiver Hitch
Game Hanger
5 Rivercrest FFA Recreational 
Jesus Hernandez Deer Feeder 6 CH FFA Recreational 
Anthony Sullivan
Joseph Honzell
Deer Feeder 7 MP FFA Recreational 
Jace Henry
Austin McKinney
Single Hay Wagon 8 CH FFA Trailer Reserve
Nick Morton 6 x 10 Trailer 9 CH FFA Trailer  

Agri-Mechanics Open Division Winners

Name Project Place School Market Division
Project Class
Samanthan McCracken Cattle Guard 1 CH FFA Non-Trailer Reserve 
Caitlyn Billups
Tracy Branch
Bed Frame 2 CH FFA Non-Trailer Female Showmanship
Male Showmanship
Jesse Thompson 1964 Farmall 140 
Gold Edition
3 CH FFA Tractor Grand Champion
Bruce Pena 5 Bail Hay Trailer 4 MP FFA Trailer  
Collen Bradford Hay Mover Caddy 5 CH FFA Trailer