Academic Rodeo

Tonya Mullins, Chairman

Entry Forms and Spelling Bee Lists

Sponsored by:

Pediatric Clinic, P.A.
American National Bank
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Academic Rodeo General Guidelines

All Kindergarten - 6th grade students in Titus County school districts are eligible.

Registration Forms for contest must be turned in by Monday, September 19th.  You may either turn them in to your school office for pick up by an Academic Rodeo representative, or email them to School collection will be Tuesday, September 20th at 8 am.

All essays and posters will also be collected from the school offices on September 20th.   ESSAYS WILL NOT BE RETURNED, PLEASE MAKE COPIES PRIOR TO PICK UP.

We will do our best to meet the special needs of our participants.  So, that we may make the necessary preparations, please notify the contest coordinator by September 20th.
Contests will not be postponed for late arrivals.  Any late participants will not be allowed to enter testing sites.


Contests for this year:

Students may participate in any or all of the following contests:

Poster Contest                                        K - 6th grades
Science Fair (display)                             K - 6th grades
Essay Contest                                        3rd - 6th grades

Students may, in addition to the contests above, participate in one of the following:

Speech Contest                                      2nd – 6th grades
Math Contest (group event)                    2nd - 6th grades
Spelling Bee                                            2nd - 6th grades
Bible Reading                                          3rd - 6th grades



North Ridge Church of Christ - All Contests (Except Essays & Posters - They will be judged prior to Academic Rodeo)


Sunday September 25, 2022

Science Projects          1:00 – 2:30      

2nd Grade                     2:30 – 4:00     

3rd Grade                      4:00 – 5:30     

4th Grade                      5:30 – 7:00

5th Grade                      7:00 – 8:00                 

6th Grade                      8:00 – 9:00



Monday- September 26, 2022

Announcement of Poster, Essay, and Science Projects Winners 6:00 pm

Prizes for Participants:

Awarded to the First, Second and Third place winners in each contest. 

1st Place - $30

2nd Place - $20

3rd Place - $10

All entries will receive ribbons and tickets to the Titus County Fair.  *This does not include essay entries due to the volume.  Only winners in the essay contest that are present at the announcement will receive ribbons and tickets.

Recognition for Coaches who are present at the contest:

Tickets to the Titus County Fair (ask your contest coordinator or see Tonya)

Attention Academic Rodeo Participating Schools:

Sweepstakes Prizes 

  1.  Each school with the highest point total per Sweepstakes Group will win $250 prize.
  2.  Sweepstakes groups are:
                                        Grade K - 2
                                        Grade 3 - 4
                                        Grade 5 – 6
  3. Point system is as follows:  1st  place = 4 points
                                                2nd place = 3 points
                                                3rd  place = 2 points
  4. Each individual place will count, example 1st place Speech = 4 points.   
  5. Each team event place will count as one, example 2nd place Math = 3 points 
  6. Points are awarded for all Academic Rodeo Contests.

Point totals will be displayed in the East Room as they become available. 








2020 Academic Rodeo did not take place.

2019 Academic Rodeo Sweepstakes Winners
K - 2nd          Sims
3rd - 4th        Brice
5th - 6th        Chapel Hill

2018 Academic Rodeo Sweepstakes Winners
K - 2nd          Sims
3rd - 4th        Brice
5th - 6th        Wallace

2017 Academic Rodeo Sweepstakes Winners
K - 2             Sims
3rd - 4th       Sim
5th - 6th       Wallace
2016 Academic Rodeo Sweepstakes Winners

K - 2             Sims
3rd - 4th       Chapel Hill
5th - 6th       Chapel Hill
7th - 8th       Mt. Pleasant Junior High

2015 Academic Rodeo Sweepstakes Winners

K - 2           SIMS
3rd - 4th     SIMS
5th - 6th     WALLACE


2014 Academic Rodeo Sweepstakes Winners

            K-2 Tie   Brice              &            K-2 Tie  Harts Bluff





           3rd - 4th  Sims                        5th - 6th  P E Wallace        


            7th and 8th MPJH