Bucket Bottle Calf Division

Clover Kids Bucket Bottle Calf Show
Superintendent: Serina Betts

Entry Form

A.  To design a developmentally appropriate beef/dairy project to fit the physical and maturity level of young children ages 5-7.

B.  To introduce children to the health, nutrition, and environmental needs of bucket bottle calves. 

C.  To nurture children's understanding of the beef/dairy industry. 

1.  This class is open to exhibitors ages 5-7.  Animal exhibit opportunities will be cooperative and not competitive. 

2.  Project is open to all Titus County children ages 5-7. 

3.  Calves must be purchased and in possession of the child within two weeks of birth.  Any newborn or orphaned calf - steer or heifer - daity or beef - purebred or crossbred - calved.

4.  Calves must be bucket or bottle fed; no nursing permitted.

5.  An exhibitor is limited to a maximum of one calf exhibited at the fair. 

6.  Calves do need to be ear tagged and entered before the fair.  Livestock ID and Fair Entry form will be available through Titus County Fair website and will need to be postmarked by September 1, 2023.

7.  All calves will be shown on halter and should be clean and groomed. 

8.  Calf must be 200 lbs or less at fair date. 

9.  Exhibitors must be ages 5-7 and be a member of the 4H Clover Kids. 

10.  Exhibitors can show if they are entering kindergarten for the 2023-2024 school year before the set fair date, but have to be a member of Clover Kids by their 5th birthday. 

11.  Children will be asked questions about their calf to rank their showmanship.