Livestock Show

LOCATION: The show will be held in the Livestock Pavilion behind the TITUS COUNTY CIVIC CENTER in MT. PLEASANT, TEXAS.

Livestock Entry Form (with required W-9)

Heifer Entry Form


LIVESTOCK DIRECTORS: Jan Garrett 903-563-5180 & Ted Bradley 903-285-5408
STEER SUPERINTENDENT: Ted Bradley 903-285-5408
BROILER SUPERINTENDENT: Amy Eubanks 903-563-4899
HOG SUPERINTENDENT: Ed Schmitt 903-466-1748
LAMB & GOAT SUPERINTENDENT: Wendi Harkey 903-285-0201
HEIFER SUPERINTENDENT: Jan Garrett 903-563-5180

Susie Hearron, Slatyr Hunnicutt, Meagan Coberley, Blake Rice - Mt. Pleasant
Josh Stegall, Tracy Dicken, Jennifer Carter, Bryson Baggett - Chapel Hill
Kenny Swinford, Jared Minor, Shelbi Roberts Burrows - Rivercrest

Livestock Schedule of Events

Saturday, March 23, 2019:

Steer Weigh-in - 8:00 - 9:00 a.m. - Livestock Pavilion 
(if miss original weigh-in date have until Sunday, March 25, 2019 at 1 p.m. to contact Show Superintendent for late weigh-in between 3 & 4 p.m. at the Livestock Pavilion with additional $25 fee)


Saturday, June 1, 2019:

Goats, Hogs, LambsTag-in - 8:00 - 10:00 a.m. - Livestock Pavilion 

Broilers Tag-In - 8:00 - 9:00 a.m. - Livestock Pavilion

(if miss original tag-in date have until Sunday, June 2, 2019 at 1 p.m. to contact Show Superintendent with additional $25 fee)


Saturday, August 10, 2019:

Chick Distribution - 9:00 - 10:00 a.m. - Titus County Fair Poultry Barn


Wednesday, September 25, 2019:

Weigh-in Commercial Ag Exhibits
County Market Show Steers - 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.
Lambs & Goats 6:30 to 7:30 p.m.
Hogs - Check-in and initial weigh-in -  4:00 - 7:00 p.m.
(all weigh-in to be completed by 8:00 p.m.)

Agri-Mechanics  projects in place by 3:00 p.m.


Thursday, September 26, 2019:

Educational Tours of Livestock Pavilion for elementary school students. 
Contact: Susie Hearron @ 903-575-2081 for a time slot.
Agri-Mechanics Show - Judging 5:00 p.m.
Goat, Lamb and Agri-Mechanics Shows - 6:00 p.m.
Market Broilers - Check-in 8:00 p.m.
Hog - Weigh-in and classification deadline - 9:00 p.m.


Friday, September 27, 2019:

Judging for County Junior Livestock Show begins at 8:00 a.m. with the Market Broilers, followed by Hogs and Steers
Sweepstakes Heifer Show - immediately following County Junior Livestock Show

Saturday, September 28, 2019:

Silent Auction - Agri-Mechanics - 1:00 - 4:00 p.m. - 
Market Auction
 - 2:00 p.m. - Beginning with Grand Champion and Reserve Champion Steers, Hogs, Broilers, Lambs, Goats and Agri-Mechanics; then auction will continue with Steers, Hogs, Broilers, Lambs, Goats and Agri-Mechanics projects.



Livestock Sale and Buy Back Instructions


The Youth Livestock Exhibitor
Code of Practice

I believe that my participation in the Junior Livestock Program should demonstrate my own ability, knowledge, and skill as a feeder and fitter of livestock. I will do my own work and only accept advice and support from others.

I will not use abusive or questionable techniques in the feeding, fitting and showing of my animals. I will not resort to fraudulent, illegal, or deceptive practices when fitting them for show. I also will not allow my parents, my supervisor, or any other adult to employ such practices to my animal.

I will read and understand the rules of all livestock shows in which I am a participant. I ask that my parents and the supervisor of my project animal not break the rules or make exception on my behalf. I wish for my livestock project to be an example of how to accept what life has to offer good and bad and how to live with the outcome.

I realize that I am responsible for:

-the proper care and treatment of my animals,

-the production of wholesome food,

-and the development of sound moral character in myself and others.


Thank You 2018 Purchasers

Titus County Fair Jr Livestock Auction

1st Texas Financial Services LLP A & A Masonry, Inc.
Acker Poultry Supply Allen Scrap Metal
American National Bank Arnold, Walker, Arnold & Co, P. C.
Bates Cooper Sloan Funeral Home Best Fender Products
Big Tex Trailer Mfg. Bo Rester - State Farm
Bowie Cass Electric Co-op Inc Brad Laing
Bradfords, LLC Brian & Velda Betts
Bronco Feed Brookshires/Super 1 Foods
Buford-Redfearn Insurance Agency Century 21 Patterson Agency
Citizens National Bank Clayton-Winn Transport
Conroy Tractor Cox Concrete
Cox Logistics, LLC Cypress Bank
David & Gina Godwin Diamond C
Diamond T Outfitters Dr. Larry Richardson, DDS
Dr. Dale & Mrs Jill Klepzig East Texas Automotive Equipment
East Texas Endodontics East Texas Fence
East Texas Lifestyle Properties East Texas Oral Surgery
Edward Jones Investments EllRay & Carol Henry
Eric & Susan Hart Estrella Ranch
Everything Yard First Federal Community Bank
First National Bank of Mt. Vernon Flow Tech/Ryan Agnew
Gary's Gun & Pawn Georgia Poultry
GTB Guaranty Bank & Trust
H & R Distributors Hess Furniture
Jacki & Kathi Gillean James Maxton
Jeff Welborn, Agent State Farm Jeffery & Heather Jackson
Jimmy & Donis Spigener John & Dana Kaylor
Keri Pasley KRB Investments
Laine Godfrey Lone Star Ag Credit
Longhorn Trailers Lori Chism, Attorney at Law
Mabe Enterprises Mardi Gras Seafood
McKelvey Enterprises Melody & Chad Henry
Mt. Pleasant Animal Clinic Northeast Texas Credit Union
Northeast Texas Pediatrics, PLLC Osmon Construction
Parker Trailers Pilgrim Bank
Pilgrim's Pittsburg Steel
Pittsburg Tractor Pittsburg Veterinary Clinic
Priefert Manufacturing, Inc R A Teal Contribution
Randy Domino Redfearn Real Estate
Rickey Crane DDS Robert & Tawana Kizer
Roberts Air Conditioning Rychlik's
Sandlin Motors Shannon Ellis
Sheila Donnelly Shumate Drapery & Carpet
Sisk Motors Spigener Hay Baling
Stansell City Cleaners Stone Livestock Co.
Texas Bragg Trailers Texas Country Farm Supply
The Coffee Man The Pediatric Clinic
Thomas & Sandra Hooper Thurman's Pro-Med Pharmacy
Tim Newman Titus County Farm Bureau
Titus County Veterinary Clinic Top Hat
United Ag & Turf WOI Petroleum, Inc
2018 Buckle Sponsors
"Thank you for support of the fair and our youth"
Grand Champion Steer Tim Newman Farms
Reserve Champion Steer Big Tex Trailers
Best Daily Gain - Steer Barry & Robin Vaught
3 Bar B Limousin
Sr. Showmanship Steer Longhorn Trailers
Jr Showmanship Steer 3 Bar B Limousin
Grand Champion Hog Diamond C Trailers
Reserve Champion Hog Gary & Tonya Murray
Sr Showmanship Hog Dwain & Virginia Fortenberry
Jr Showmanship Hog Schmitt Family
Grand Champion Broilers Brian & Velda Betts 
Jimmy & Barbara Parker
Mike & Colleen Thompson
Mike & Teresa Coke
Reserve Champion Broilers Mt. Pleasant Recycling -
Don & Teresa Carlisle
Sr Top Grower Broilers Brad & Amy Eubanks
Kenny & Tammie Rosewell
Jr Top Grower Broilers James & Fleda Maxton
Grand Champion Lamb Ashly, Joel, Aubrey & Caroline Fielder
Robert & Cindy Perryman
Reserve Champion Lamb AA's Treehouse
Sr Showmanship Lamb Everett Toyota
Jr Showmanship Lamb Northeast Texas Credit Union
Grand Champion Goat Mike & Telly Hall
Reserve Champion Goat Jeffery & Leah Crabb
Mike & Kim Crabb
Sr Showmanship Goat Elliott Auto Group
Jr Showmanship Goat Texas Bragg Trailers
Grand Champion Heifer Dennis Cameron Construction & Equipment
Reserve Champion Heifer Spruills Honda Kawaski
Sr Showmanship Heifer Elliott Auto Group
Jr Showmanship Heifer

Tex Trail Trailers







History: Livestock Auction

2018 - Grand and Reserve Champions

Steers - Grand - Bo Schmitt               Reserve - Austin Bradley
Hog - Grand - Tripp Phillips                Reserve - Bowdrie Priefert
Broiler - Grand - Hannah Rhea          Reserve - Sara Phillips
Lamb - Grand - Rebekah Crane         Reserve - Rachel Crane
Goat - Grand - Reese Hill                   Reserve - Caitlynn Hobbs
Agri-Mechanics - Grand - 

2017 - Grand and Reserve Champions
Steers - Grand - Bo Schmitt               Reserve - Harison Russell
Hogs - Grand - Tripp Phillips              Reserve - Gunner Rodgers
Broilers - Grand - Hannah Rhea         Reserve - Hudson Gentry
Lambs - Grand - Tracy Branch            Reserve - Rebekah Crane
Goats - Grand - Tracy Branch             Reserve - Rayna DeLaRosa
Agri-Mechanics - Grand - Ryleigh Stegall    Reserve - Haley Swindler

2016 - Grand and Reserve Champions
Steers - Grand - Harrison Russell   Reserve - Seth Billups
Hogs - Grand - Tripp Phillips           Reserve - Lucas Moody
Broilers - Grand - Cade Woods       Reserve - Jakob Hill
Lambs - Grand - Tracy Branch        Reserve - Kenzie Kimbrough
Goats - Grand - Braden Spigener   Reserve - Tracy Branch
Agri-Mechanics - Grand - Ryleigh Stegall    Reserve - Collen Bradford

2015 - Grand and Reserve Champions

Steers - Grand - Harrison Russell   Reserve - Laithe Godfrey
Hogs - Grand - Tripp Phillips           Reserve - Carley Moody
Broilers - Grand - Jessica Williams  Reserve - Grace Whitten
Lambs - Grand - Rebekah Crane    Reserve - Caitlyn Billups
Goats - Grand - Tracy Branch         Reserve - Hogan Hobbs
Agri-Mechanics - Grand - Christian Ingram    Reserve - Jace Henry & Austin McKinney

2014 - Grand and Reserve Champions
Steers - Grand - Rebekah Crance      Reserve - Jessie Nell Parchman
Hogs - Grand - Lucas Moody             Reserve - J David Reed Stickels
Broilers - Grand - Mallory Carruthers Reserve - Rebecca Brooke Thompson
Lambs - Grand - Ellie Wooten            Reserve - Rachel Crane
Goats - Grand - Tracy Branch            Reserve - Braden Spigener
Agri-Mechanics - Grand - Jesse Thompson  Reserve - Justin Wood

2013 - Grand and Reserve Champions
Steers - Grand - Bo Schmitt                  Reserve - Preston Agan
Hogs - Grand -  J David Reed Stickels  Reserve - Katy Bragg
Broilers - Grand - Brooke Thompson    Reserve - Caleb Whitten
Lambs - Grand - Caitlyn Billips              Reserve - Keely Henry
Goats - Grand - Tracy Branch               Reserve - Logan Dunn
Agri-Mechanics - Grand - Nick Morton  Reserve - Tanner Luck

2012 - Grand and Reserve Champions
Steers - Grand - Preston Agan             Reserve - Zachary Crane
Hogs - Grand - Garrett Lyons               Reserve - Rianna Hockaday
Broilers - Grand - Joshua Menhennett  Reserve - Colton Menhennett
Lambs - Grand - Wyatt Hinson              Reserve - Rebekah Crane
Goats - Grand - Tracy Branch               Reserve - Ali Grace Merritt
Agri-Mechanics - Grand - Tyler Dickerson    Reserve - Doyle Brooks, Rob Ward, Jasper Conway

2011 - Grand and Reserve Champions
Steers - Grand - Dulcie Fields         Reserve - Chessie Garrett   
Hogs - Grand - Tye Cooney            Reserve - Blair Hearron
Broilers - Grand - Rachel Crane      Reserve - Bralen Thompson
Lambs - Grand - Rebekah Crane    Reserve - Keely Henry
Goats - Grand - Tracy Branch         Reserve - Luis Valadez
Ag Mechanics - Grand - Carter Kelsey & Jordan Thompson (cooker) 
     Reserve - MacKinzie Bishop (hall tree)

2010 - Grand and Reserve Champions
Steers - Grand - Dulcie Fields                    Reserve - Preston Agan
Hogs - Grand -  J David "Reed" Stickels     Reserve - Tyler Murray
Broilers - Grand - Chance Chapman          Reserve - Rachel Crane
Lambs - Grand - Caitlyn Billups                  Reserve - Rachel Johnson
Goat - Grand - Tracy Branch                      Reserve - Jace Henry
Ag Mechanics - Grand - Kyle Stanley (Cedar stand-along swing)
     Reserve - Juan Juarez/Randy Soto (smoker)
Auction Total - $124,898.82
Sweepstakes Heifer Show
Overall Grand Champion Heifer - Grayson Russell

2009 - Grand and Reserve Champions
Steers - Grand - Dulcie Fields            Reserve - Chessie Garrett
Hogs - Grand -  Bryan Schmitt           Reserve - Shelbi Roberts
Broilers - Grand - Kyle Stanley           Reserve - Brittany Logan
Lambs - Grand - Rachel Johnson      Reserve - Wyatt Hinson
Goat - Grand - Tracy Branch             Reserve - Hunter Campbell
Auction Total - $111,932.77
Sweepstakes Heifer Show
Overall Grand Champion Heifer - Grayson Russell

2008 - Grand and Reserve Champions
Steers - Grand - Preston Agan       Reserve - Dulcie Fields
Hogs - Grand -  Carly Bowen          Reserve - Caity Bowen
Broilers - Grand - Kensey Smith     Reserve - Hunter Davis
Lambs - Grand - Rachel Johnson   Reserve - Kayd Grimes
Goat - Grand - Chessie Garrett      Reserve - Sarah Sparks
Ag Mechanics - Grand - Cooker on Wheels - Pittsburg FFA - Josh Perry & David Johnson
     Reserve - Fire Pitt Grill - Rivercrest - Barron Hines, Dakota Harris
Auction Total $181,055.26

2007 - Grand and Reserve Champions
Steers - Grand - Dulcie Fields          Reserve - Parker Laing
Hogs - Grand - Caity Bowen             Reserve - Jessica Daniels
Broilers - Grand - Katelyn Joyner      Reserve - Kelsey Franks
Lambs - Grand - Rachel Johnson     Reserve - Jillian Sloan
Goat - Grand - Jaycee Rolf               Reserve - Clint Swafford
Ag Mechanics - Grand Open Division - Tractor - Rivercrest FFA - Nikki Brooks, Lauren   Maulden, Sabrina Wideman, Michelle Bruton, Rachel Phosay

                  Reserve Open Division - Trailer - Chapel Hill - Zach Kennedy, Kelly Thomas

       Grand Market Division - Auto dog feeder - Chapel Hill - Josh Simmons
        Reserve Market Division - Table - Rivercrest - Caitlin Hill, Andy Youngblood, Ashley Wideman
Auction Total  $192,369.99

2006 - Grand and Reserve Champions
Steers - Grand - Webb Fields               Reserve - Grayson Russell
Hogs - Grand - Jennifer McCaslin         Reserve - Dylon Johnson
Broilers - Grand - Kensey Rae Smith     Reserve - Melanie Smith
Lambs - Grand - Adam Jennings           Reserve - Jillian Sloan
Goat - Grand - Claire Johnson               Reserve - Rae Lynn Wiltze
Ag Mechanics - Grand - 20 ft. Lowboy - Chapel Hill - chapter project 
      Reserve - Hay Accumulator - Rivercrest - Cole Sheffield  
Auction Total  $253,405.64

Educational Tours Livestock Exhibits
Educational Tours Livestock Exhibits

FFA students give elementary school students and preschoolers educational tours of livestock areas. 

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Market Hog Rules
Market Hog Rules

Titus County Fair Market Hog Rules

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Market Steer Rules

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Titus County Fair follows the Texas Animal Health Commission Condensed Regulations governing admission of livestock to shows, fair and exhibitions.  The General Rules are to assist with further instruction for the Livestock Show. 

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