Fine Arts


CHILREN’S ART, Murphy Harper, Unicorn

JUNIOR, Keelin Schoenewe, Falling Magic

INTERMEDIATE, Michelle Zelaya, Colorful Sea Turtle

SENIOR, Amalyah Delisi, Eye See You

ALL STARS, Michael Betts, Lady Liberty



Benjamin Brooks, White, Planet

Murphy Harper, Best in Class, Rainbow

Murphy Harper, Red, Holiday Reindeer

Lily Henry, Best in Class, Sunny Seaside

Lily Henry, Best in Class, Flower Power

Lily Henry, Blue, Trees & Mountains

Lily Henry, Blue, Beautiful Butterfly

Ethan Hernandez, Best in Class, Color Pencil Giraffe

Kyri Pierce, Blue, Rainbow Flowers

Kyri Pierce, Red, Tree

Kyri Pierce, Red, Blue Flower

Asa Staples, White, Glass of Grape Juice



Emy Chappell, Red, The Blue Owl

Colt Covey, Blue, Armistice Day Celebration

Cale Delisi, Blue, His Glory

Blakely Garrett, Best in Class, Fair

Brooklyn Hooks, Blue, Brooklyn

Olivia Hooks, Best in Class, Blue Birds

Colllin Kirkland, Blue, Cookie Cop

Logan Kirkland, Best in Class, Fun at the Fair

Jace Klepzig, Best in Class, Fire Dragon

Jace Klepzig, Blue, Wolf

Skye Klepzig, Blue, Sea Dragon

Jenna Lowry, Best in Class, Kaleidoscope

Jenna Lowry, Blue, Mr. Hops

Jenna Lowry, Blue, Tropical Flower

Jenna Lowry, Blue, Cool Cat

Kaden Martin, Best in Class, Mountain Sunset

Kinsley McNeil, Red, Kinsley

Aubrey Prater, White, Meow Mix

Koti Robertson, Blue, Stitched Heart

Ricardo Saavedra, Blue, Gyarades Pokemon

Kolby Turner, Blue, Kolby

Kelly Ventura, Red, Bulbasaur



Saul Alvarado, Best in Class, Rising Angel

Taelyn Austin, Blue, Mind Control

Joseph Bell, Blue, Joker

Rose Chandler, Best in Class, Beach Silhouette

Rose Chandler, Best in Class, War

Rose Chandler, Blue, Space

Rose Chandler, Red, Torch on a Beach

Sam Chappell, Red, I Am Iron Man

Corban Delisi, Best in Class, Reflection of Heaven

Corban Delisi, Blue, Africa by the Moonlight

Corban Delisi, White, Little Eyes

Joey Gage, Blue, Parasite

Ana Garrett, Best in Class, Watercolor Disney night lights

Kami Godfrey, White, Mountain Side Water color

Stephanie Guerrero, White, Sunset with horses

Zadie Harper, Red, Pumpkin Patch

Zadie Harper, Red, Girl in Thought

Katie Hart, Best in Class, The Devil Wears Prada

Katie Hart, Blue, Titus County Fair Circa 2019

Katie Hart, Red, Quantum Leap

Evelyn Hernandez, White, Fire Girl

Katherine Hernandez, Best in Class, Sloth

Stephanie Hernandez, Best in Class, Sunrise Skies water color

Hadley Kump, Red, Stand Out

Jose Lopez, Best in Class, The Clown

Mason Majors, White, BB-8 Robot

Madison Manning, Best in Class, Picnic Feast

Rebecca Martinez, Red, Carnival

Jasmine Moon, Best in Class, Sweet Heart

Jasmine Moon, Best in Class, Freddie Mercury

Jasmine Moon, Blue, Star Dreamer

Mary O'Rand, Best in Class, Elijah

Mary O'Rand, Blue, Happy Penguins

Mary O'Rand, Blue, The Winter Night

Mckinsee Oviedo, White, portrait of Petra

Gracie Parr, Red, Fair Goat

Tisha Patel, Red, Watercolor Fall Forest

Joana Rangal, Red, The Lemon

Kiara Rundles, Blue, Lost in Space

Raymond Saavedra, Best in Class, My Heart's A Stereo

Shya Setina, Blue, Eye See You

Shya Setina, Red, Moonlight

Shya Setina, Red, Shya

Chloe Snodgrass, Blue, Messy Claira Bell

Chloe Snodgrass, Blue, Sleepy Cat

Silvia Sustaita, Blue, Family at the Fair

Silver Tosh, Blue, Romeo

Silver Tosh, White, Hartley

Courtney Tucker, Blue, In Loving Memory

Ellie Wooten, Best in Class, Abstract Eye



Alex Alvarado, Blue, Transportation for the Cowboy

Madisyn Austin, Red, Bumble

Madisyn Austin, White, Drowning

Mackenzie Barley, Red, Primary Disposition/Color Face

Luis Becerra, White, Bucket Man

Abby Byars, Blue, Hummingbirds

Katie Byars, Blue, Sunset

Eimy Candelero, Best in Class, Memories Never Die

Jose Castro, White, Anteater

Jose Chavez, Blue, Voodoo Goddess

Mya Clark, Blue, Sunset Dreams

Parker Colley, Blue, Enlightenment

Shelby Courreges, Best in Class, Me

Shelby Courreges, Red, Brun

Macy Cox, Blue, Mushy

Macy Cox, Red, Colorless/Black and White Girl

Macy Cox, Red, Thoughts from Heaven/Watercolor

Amalyah Delisi, Blue, Pieces of Light

Amalyah Delisi, Red, Just Breathe

Zuleyma Diaz, Best in Class, The Apple of My Eye

Zuleyma Diaz, Blue, The Lighthouse

Zuleyma Diaz, Red, Blah

Peyton Easley, Blue, My Mother Nature

Lesly Estrada, Blue, Free Flow

Tykerries Farrier, Best in Class, Father & Son enjoying the fair

Gaven Fife, Blue, Deep Blue Tears

Allie Fincher, Best in Class, All You Can Eat

Rafael Garcia, White, Street Queen

Chloe Garrett, Blue, Front Porch

Mason Garrett, Blue, To Infinity and Beyond

Shelby Goff, Red, Lost in the Sky

Madison Goodrich, Blue, Honey Bee

Madison Goodrich, Blue, Seesaw

Mia Gould, Blue, Wine Bottle

Alexandria Ibanez, Red, Enchanted

Lesly Ibarra, Red, The Texas Dream

Cindy Lara, Best in Class, Calm

Cindy Lara, Best in Class, Meet me at the county fair

Zaushlynn Lee, Blue, Azul Samurai

Emily Majors, Blue, The Cast

Emily Majors, White, Perfect Imperfections

Alexis Martin, Best in Class, Pretty Boy

Alexis Martin, Best in Class, Sulfur and Shadow

Alexis Martin, Blue, In the Garden

Alexis Martin, Blue, The Chief

Kayla McMains, White, World Protector

Jared McNutt, Blue, The Kitchen

Jared McNutt, Red, Rising Sun on Mountain

Isha Mistry, Best in Class, Flower of Happy

Isha Mistry, Red, Creative Brain

Anaeli Navarro, White, What a Doll

Samuel Netro, Blue, The Yellow Rose of Texas 

Halle Norman, Best in Class, Friends 4 Life

Luiz Olvera, Best in Class, Deep In The Meadow

Madelyn Pugsley, Red, Beauty in the Darkness

Madelyn Pugsley, White, Romeo & Juliet

Daniela Robles, Red, Church

Yessenia Serna, Blue, Breakthrough

Cindy Soto, Best in Class, The Heart of Texas

Cindy Soto, Blue, Life

Allyson Swafford, Best in Class, Jersey Calf

Allyson Swafford, Blue, Tucker Wayde

Madison Thompson, Red, Bright Heart

Madison Thompson, White, Super Girl of Steel

Paolo Ventura, Best in Class, Jaguar

Vinisha Yeager, Blue, Lara Croft

Vinisha Yeager, Red, Ronin

Vinisha Yeager, White, Link



Michael Betts, Best in Class, I Love Lucy

Michael Betts, Blue, The Best Dog Gone Dog in the West

Michael Betts, Blue, The Duke

Isaac Brooks, Blue, Abstract

Willis English, Red, Wildlife

Devon Goodrich, Best in Class, A Small Town in Texas

Romel Saavedra, Blue, Mr. K

Romel Saavedra, Blue, Looney Cartoony

Romel Saavedra, White, New Life

Ruben Saavedra, Best in Class, Dinosaurs

Ruben Saavedra, Blue, Dino Drawing

Erin Williamson, Best in Class, Colored Dog

Erin Williamson, Best in Show, Bonel (Hat)

Erin Williamson, Red, Ethnic Lady

Erin Williamson, White, Shirley Temple



Marylin Dow, Blue, Witchery

Marylin Dow, Blue, Eaglets

Rosy Garcia, White, Amazon

Willie B Garrett III, Best in Class, Modern Cowboy

Willie B Garrett III, Best in Class, Cochise & Willie

Willie B Garrett III, Blue, On Fire

Willie B Garrett III, Blue, Storms a Coming

Luis Guerrero, Best in Class, Parents

Mary Jo Heavin, Best in Class, My Grandson

Mary Jo Heavin, Blue, Love

Angela Hockett, Blue, Lazy Day

Angela Hockett, Blue, Ariana

Angela Hockett, Blue, Honey Run

Tania Lugo, Best in Class, Water Color Red Dress Mayte

John Rutledge, Best in Class, Steam Tractor

John Rutledge, Blue, Train

John Rutledge, White, barn

Margaret Thompson, Blue, Dayton

Orlando Tovar, Best in Class, Cristiano 7

Orlando Tovar, Blue, 2 Pac

Orlando Tovar, Red, Eazy - E

Orlando Tovar, White, Ironman

Bobby Wade, Best in Class, Cool Days at the Farm

Bobby Wade, Blue, Country Living

Bobby Wade, Red, Picnic for Dogs