Creative Arts 2019 Winners


Priscilla Brooks, Blue, Camping Sign

Priscilla Brooks, Best in Class, Paracord Sling

Eric Verwolf, Blue, Blue Nana Birthday Card

Eric Verwolf, Red, Blue Mickey Birthday Card

Brent Verwolf, Red, pink Birthday Card

Kaylin Verwolf, Blue, Mother's Day Card

Kaylin Verwolf, Red, Pink Mickey Birthday Card

Brooklyn White, Blue, Halloween Centerpiece

Brooklyn White, Best in Show, Thanksgiving Centerpiece



Michael Betts, Blue, Hatchet

Michael Betts, Blue, Knife handout

Kayla Brooks, Blue, Snowman& Scarecrow Sign

Kayla Brooks, Red, Sugar Cookie Sign

Katie Byars, Best in Class, Small Drawer Sachet

Rose Chandler, Blue, Fancy Turtle

Rose Chandler, Blue, Russian Baby Doll

Peyton Easley, Blue, Wood Burning Birds

Alexandria Ibanez, Blue, Queen Bee Poster

Marisol Luna, Red, Candy World

Kayla McMains, Blue, Snowman Family

Kayla McMains, Red, Little Snowman

Kayla McMains, Red, Nature dream Catcher

Kayla McMains, Red, Painted Record

Kayla McMains, Red, Beaded Cross

Kayla McMains, Red, Cow Skull

Marisol Morales, Blue, Glamour Girl

Mayce Northcutt, Blue, Deer Grapevine Wreath

Mayce Northcutt, Blue, Fall Scarecrow Mesh

Mary O'Rand, Blue, The Cross

Juan Perez, Blue, Deep in My Head

Charis Roseberry, Best in Class, Table Runner - Brown

Makayla Rutledge, Blue, Paper Vase with paper Rose

Paolo Ventura, Blue, Vogue Cover

Paolo Ventura, Red, White Skulls



Moises Anguiano, Blue, Fall Season Decorated

Rachel Barker, Blue, Decorative Box

Jodi Burnett, Blue, Halloween Wreath

Juan Canada, Blue, Sensory/Calming Bottle

Flor Carillo, Best in Show, white paper swan

Flor Carillo, Blue, Origami original

Charles Davis, Blue, Fall Season Decorated

Julissa Dominguez, Blue, Sensory/Calming Bottle

Kate Flores, Blue, Decorative Box

Luis Fuentes, Blue, Fall Season Decorated

Ghyles Lias, Blue, Sensory/Calming Bottle

Arianna McClain, Blue, Sensory/Calming Bottle

Jesus Mora, Blue, Fall Season Decorated

Jose Moreno, Blue, Fall Season Decorated

Freddy Ortiz, Blue, Fall Season Decorated

Jairo Torres, Blue, Fall Season Decorated

DeCorrin Tyson, Blue, Fall Season Decorated

Jesus Villalva, Blue, Metal Art: "For Mom"



Kayla Austin, Blue, Skull Wreath

Blanca Avellaneda, Blue, Carnival Fun

Teresa Baugh, Blue, Black dangling Earrings

Teresa Baugh, Blue, Purple Drop Earrings

Jennifer Bean, Red, Sampler Quilt

Jennifer Bean, Blue, Birthday Quilt

Betty Brock, Best in Show, Give Thanks

Cara Brooks, Blue, Holiday Sign

Laura Byars, Best in Class, Wool Flower Applique Wall Hanging

Susan Carpenter, Blue, Bows for Brooklyn

Pam Danner, Blue, Gourd ink dyes acrylic paint

Pam Danner, Blue, Carved gourd, hand sculpted rim, acrylic paint

Daphne Denison, Best in Show, Snowman Dress

Daphne Denison, Blue, Christmas Wreath

Sherry Eargle, Best in Class, Burpcloth - Monogram M

Sherry Eargle, Red, Burpcloth - Llama

Sherry Eargle, Best in Class, Pink/Gray Pinwheel Baby Quilt

Jessica Hauck, Red, ornaments

Jessica Hauck, Red, Photo Album

Jessica Hauck, Blue, Outdoor Fairy Plant Garden

Terry Heavin, Blue, Walking Cane

Sharon Kennedy, Best in Show, Liquid Embrodery -Cannon

Sharon Kennedy, Red, Liquid Embrodery- Fish

Sharon Kennedy, Blue, Small ring -Black frost necklace

Sharon Kennedy, Blue, Lrg Ring, Silver Frost Necklace

Sharon Kennedy, Blue, Rainbow Colored Set

Sharon Kennedy, Red, Mini Tree Shelf Deco

Sharon Kennedy, Blue, Red, Green Bead Ornament

Sharon Kennedy, Blue, Christmas Card Horses

Sharon Kennedy, Blue, Silver & Red Bracelet

Sharon Kennedy, Blue, Two Tone Green Keychain

Sharon Kennedy, Blue, Pink Birthday Card

Sharon Kennedy, Blue, Blue Birthday Card

Sharon Kennedy, Blue, Welcome Home Tag

Sharon Kennedy, Blue, Jefferson Railway - 2 pg. scrapebook

Sharon Kennedy, Blue, Eric & Santa Single Scrapebook page

Sharon Kennedy, Blue, Eric School Pic single page

Ricky Lynch, Blue, Cross Necklace

Ricky Lynch, Blue, Feather Earrings

Ricky Lynch, Best in Class, Picture Frame

Holly McCoy, Red, Grapevine Wreath

Kay McCoy, Blue, Ornaments

Kay McCoy, Red, Multicolor Bandana Scarf

Rex Morton, Best in Show, Shoulder Holster for 1911

Rex Morton, Blue, Custom Built Fishing Rod

Sissy Northcutt, Blue, Christmas Wreath

Pam Opitz, Blue, Halloween Box

Pam Opitz, Blue, Magical Christmas Card

Pam Opitz, Blue, Season's Tweeting Card

Pam Opitz, Blue, All Things Grow with Love

Kitty O'Rand, Red, One Happy Pig

Kitty O'Rand, Blue, Christmas Gingerbread Man

Christy Parker, Blue, Succulents with cord

Christy Parker, Red, Sunflower Fall Wreath

Ellen Raney, Best in Class, Crochet Good Luck Care Bear

Ellen Raney, Red, Crochet Grumpy Care Bear

Maudine Reed, Blue, Two Page Layout

Kathryn Reese, Blue, Stained Glass Christmas afghan

Kathryn Reese, Blue, Blue/White Afghan

Kathryn Reese, Best in Class, Multi color Crochet Scarf

Kathryn Reese, White, Fuschia/Crochet Coin Purse

Kathryn Reese, Blue, Green pastel Baby dress Set

Christi Milner Rhodes, Red, Snowman wreath

Marie Thomas, Red, Fall Pumpkin Succulents

Marie Thomas, Blue, Grapevine Fall

Callie Thompson, Red, Leather Earrings & Necklace

Wanda Tucker, Blue, Mosaic Cross

Wanda Tucker, Best in Show, Sewing Box

David Verwolf, Blue, Titanium Byzantine Bracelet

Kendra Verwolf, Blue, Western Mother’s Day

Kristin Williams, Red, Purse Braiding



Cynthia Agan, Red, Fried Chicken

Cynthia Agan, Blue, 4-Patch Halloween

Patti Alexander, Best in Class, Knitted Sweater (Brown)

Jack Beene, Blue, Arkansas Bird House

Barbara Belcher, Red, Blue pastel Crochet Baby Blanket

Barbara Belcher, White, Pink Crochet Baby Blanket

Barbara Belcher, Blue, Turquoise Indian Doll Outfit

Barbara Belcher, Red, White doll outfit

Linda Blalock, Blue, Butterfly Embroidery In a frame

Betty Brock, Blue, To Love Peace

Janis Brooks, Blue, My Good Fortune

Janis Brooks, Best in Class, Chocolate Argyll

Janis Brooks, Blue, Ivy & Old Lace

Janis Brooks, Blue, Women of the Bible

Janis Brooks, Blue, Civil War Era

Janis Brooks, Red, Butterfly Garden

Janis Brooks, Red, Mirror, Mirror

Janis Brooks, Blue, Memories of Great Times

Joseph Burton, Red, Yarn Owl

Jane Bussell, Blue, Black, Red & Green Holiday Quilt

Cal Cossey, Blue, Southwest Gourd

Cal Cossey, Blue, Southwest Gourd

Reba Dehls, Red, Purple Poppin

Reba Dehls, Best in Class, Butterfly Kisses

Marylin Dow, Best in Show, Santa Pillow Painted

The Focused Care at Mt. Pleasant, Red, Rainbow Unicorn Puzzle

The Focused Care at Mt. Pleasant, Blue, Flower Garden Puzzle

Margaret Laing, Best in Class, Blk/Multi Color Reversible Afghan

Sally Lewellen, Blue, 4 Bars of Castile Soap

Wanda Lynch, Blue, One Nation Under God

Wanda Lynch, Blue, 50 Angeles Hanging

Carolyn Malcolm, Best in Show, Ribbon Embroidery

Carolyn Malcolm, Blue, Birds & Houses Embroidery

Carolyn Malcolm, Best in Class, Crazyblock Wall hanging

Carolyn Malcolm, Best in Class, Pillow Cases x4 (2 small& 2 large)

Carolyn Malcolm, Red, Fall Wall Hanger

Carolyn Malcolm, Red, Blue & Yellow Comforter

Mary Moore, Blue, Fishing Grapevine Wreath

Nathan Nash, Best in Show, German Float Plane

Barbara Northcutt, Blue, Halloween Wreath

Skeeter Peacock, Best in Class, Elf Christmas Wreath

Sandra Price, Best in Class, Purple Crochet Baby Blanket

Sandra Price, Best in Class, Wine/Turquoise Crochet Scarf

Sandra Price, White, Magenta Crochet Shawl

Mary Ramsey, Blue, 999 Silver Pin Lion

Mary Ramsey, Blue, Ethnic Set

Vicky Russell, Best in Class, Hairpin Lace Baby Afghan

Janice Snyder, Blue, Color Me Happy (pair)

Pleasant Springs, Blue, 9 Patch Friendship

Linda Stevenson, Blue, Non-hanging Flower Arrangement

Connie Strudthoff, Blue, Beauty & the Beast

Aleta Tittle, Best in Class, Gray little Man Vest - Knitted

Aleta Tittle, Best in Class, Teal Knitted Summer sweater



Crystal Chandler, Blue, Floral Teardrops

Crystal Chandler, Red, Crystal Clay Circles

Kori Henderson, Blue, Tiger Eye set 3 pc.

Kori Henderson, Blue, African Brass Earrings

Kori Henderson, Blue, Blk Dazzle Set (3 pc)

Kori Henderson, Red, Buckle Pearl Necklace

Kendra Verwolf, Blue, Red 7 Silver Flower Belt

Kendra Verwolf, Blue, Pink Dragon

Kendra Verwolf, Blue, Bronze Dragon

Kendra Verwolf, Blue, Green & Silver Bracelet

Kendra Verwolf, Blue, Batman Byzantine Bracelet

Kendra Verwolf, Blue, Purple Heart Keychain

Kendra Verwolf, Blue, Blue & Frost Keychain

Kendra Verwolf, Blue, Blue hairclip

Kendra Verwolf, Blue, Black Silver Gears Hair Clip

Kendra Verwolf, Blue, Flat Pink & Frost Necklace

Kendra Verwolf, Blue, Pink & Black Necklace

Kendra Verwolf, Blue, Blue & Bronze Scalemat Set

Kendra Verwolf, Blue, Orange & Black Byzantine Set