Sweepstakes Winners - Creative Arts

Children’s Art:

Kyri Pierce, Fine Arts, Acrylic Landscape, Mountains and Rivers



Gracie Parr, Color Photography, Goat and I

Brooklyn White, Creative Arts Holiday Wreath, Christmas Balls Wreath

Maverick Williams, Horticulture, Ornamental Gourds



Matthew Armstrong, B/W Photography, The Pillars of Jefferson

Kate Ball, Fine Arts Watercolor Still Life, Boogie Boots

Zarahi De La Rosa, Creative Arts Miscellaneous, Maria (drawing with paper flowers)

Claire McCracken, Food Preservation, Pickled Okra

Miriam Rose Simmons, Food Preservation, Apple Plum Butter

Madison Storck, Horticulture, Birdhouse Gourd



Jasmine Moon, Fine Arts B/W Drawing, Rocky



Cessia Gonzalez, Fine Arts Mixed Media, Young Delight



Barbara Belcher, Creative Arts Miscellaneous, Doll Clothes

Pam Danner, Creative Arts Designer Craftsmen, Decorated Gourds

Devon Hargrove, B/W Photography, Old Brick Road

Kay McCoy, Food Preservation, Miscellaneous Jellies

Rene McCracken, Horticulture, Vegetables – Cushaws

Judy Northum, Fine Arts Acrylics, Landscape

Kathryn Reese, Creative Arts Christmas, Christmas Afghan

Kathryn Reese, Creative Arts, Crochet Afghan


Senior Citizens:

Clyde Amos, Sr, Horticulture, Sweet Potatoes

Janis Brooks, Miscellaneous Quilted Items, Hungry Apron

LeAnn Facklam, Doll Related Items, Doll House with Furniture

Nelda Johnson, Creative Arts Crochet, Red Crochet Doll

Sally Lewellen, Food Preservation, Whole Green Beans

Nathan Nash, Creative Arts Designer Craftsmen, Race Cars

Skeeter Peacock, Creative Arts Wreaths, Fall Wreath

Margaret Shumate, Creative Arts Baby Quilts-Cross Stitch, Katy’s Fairy Garden

Janice Snyder, Creative Arts Designer Craftsmen, Cabin on Lake



Salina Pack, B/W Photography, Portraits

Angela Watts, Creative Arts Crochet, Arizona Bedspread