Fine Arts Winners 2018

Children's Art

Emy Chappell Acrylic:  Fantasy Sleeping Unicorn 2nd Place
Kyri Pierce Watercolor: Landscape Winter Storm 3rd Place
Jace Klepzig Drawing (B/W): Animal/Bird Snake 2nd Place
Sophie Tagg Crayon: Landscape Sun of the Dawn 1st Place
Jace Klepzig Crayon: Animal/Bird Shark 2nd Place
Isaac Tagg Crayon: Abstract COLOR PERSON 3rd Place
Sophie Tagg Crayon:  Fantasy/Comic Dragon Smoke 2nd Place
Jace Klepzig Mixed Media: Animal/Bird Shark 1st Place


Olivia Hooks Acrylic:  Landscape Starry night 2nd Place
Aubrey Prater Acrylic:  Landscape Last Bloom of summer 3rd Place
Olivia Hooks Acrylic:  Still Life grapes 2nd Place
Olivia Hooks Acrylic:  Animal/Bird yellow bird 1st Place
Aubrey Prater Acrylic:  Animal/Bird Owlette 2nd Place
Tessa Gaertner Acrylic:  Abstract KALEIDOSCOPE 1st Place
Jenna Lowry Acrylic:  Abstract Glow 2nd Place
Sam Chappell Acrylic:  Fantasy angry birds 3rd Place
Skye Klepzig Acrylic:  Original "Cross" 2nd Place
Brylee Chambers Watercolor: Animal/Bird Silver Reed 2nd Place
Emalee Davis Watercolor: Animal/Bird The Guardian of Jewels 3rd Place
Emmersyn Reed Drawing (B/W): Still Life OLD BOOTS 2nd Place
Cassandra Saavedra Drawing (B/W): Still Life A Rose 3rd Place
Emalee Davis Drawing (B/W):  Portrait Gasoline 3rd Place
Tessa Gaertner Drawing (B/W): Animal/Bird BIRD OF PREY 3rd Place
Emmersyn Reed Drawing (B/W): Animal/Bird BELLA 2nd Place
Emmersyn Reed Drawing (B/W): Animal/Bird LOST HORSE 1st Place
Shya Setina Drawing (B/W):  Original Circus Horse 2nd Place
Kamron Stewart Drawing (Color): Landscape United States 3rd Place
Alex Barboza Drawing (Color): Animal/Bird Bacon 2nd Place
Max Daniel Drawing (Color): Animal/Bird Shadow 1st Place
Luis Ramirez Drawing (Color): Animal/Bird "Lucy" 3rd Place
Joseph Chiles Drawing (Color):  Fantasy/Comic Shazam 2nd Place
Brooklynne Aikins Drawing (Color):  Original Old Timer 3rd Place
Analeigh Dunn Drawing (Color):  Original Pedal to the Metal 1st Place
Makenzie Taylor Drawing (Color):  Original 10 Cents 2nd Place
Tessa Gaertner Pastel: Landscape SOFT SUNSET 2nd Place
Kaden Martin Pastel: Landscape Sunset on the Beach 3rd Place
Ariana Tagg Crayon: Landscape Resurrection 2nd Place
Ariana Tagg Crayon:  Fantasy/Comic Celestia 3rd Place
Ricardo Saavedra Mixed Media: Landscape A Night to Remember 3rd Place
Skye Klepzig Mixed Media: Still Life "Clarinet" 1st Place
Brylee Chambers Mixed Media: Animal/Bird Snow Shard 2nd Place
Mateo Soto Mixed Media:  Original Greatest Old Fair 2nd Place


Rose Chandler Acrylic:  Landscape Island 2nd Place
Kelly Groda Acrylic:  Landscape Paris 3rd Place
Hannah Anderson Acrylic:  Still Life Give Thanks 2nd Place
Hannah Anderson Acrylic:  Animal/Bird Elbert the Deer 2nd Place
Sophia Wintersteen Acrylic:  Fantasy Why Not 2nd Place
Bhavi Amin Acrylic:  Original Winter Night 3rd Place
Bhavi Amin Acrylic:  Original Into the Night, I Cast My Dreams 2nd Place
Sophia Wintersteen Acrylic:  Original With the Wind 2nd Place
Zadie Harper Oil: Abstract Grandpa's guitar 2nd Place
Madai Galvan Watercolor: Landscape Dream 2nd Place
Mariana Gonzalez Watercolor: Landscape "Love at Sunset" 1st Place
Rylee Hutchings Watercolor: Landscape A Beautiful Day 3rd Place
Cindy Soto Watercolor: Still Life The Tree of Life 2nd Place
Gabrielle Brown Watercolor: Animal/Bird Sam the Giraffe 1st Place
Madison Manning Watercolor: Animal/Bird Simbah 2nd Place
Viviana Reyes Watercolor: Animal/Bird Rainbow 3rd Place
Jasmine Moon Watercolor: Abstract Rainbow Drips 2nd Place
Silvia Sustaita Watercolor:  Fantasy/Comic Smart Floaty 2nd Place
Alexis Agnew Watercolor:  Original Mal 3rd Place
Madai Galvan Watercolor:  Original Confetti 2nd Place
David Tagg Drawing (B/W): Still Life Eye Ball 2nd Place
Zadie Harper Drawing (B/W): Animal/Bird HUMMINGBIRD 1st Place
Christian Ramirez Drawing (B/W): Animal/Bird Bubbles 2nd Place
Soraya Solis Drawing (B/W): Animal/Bird Leo 3rd Place
Nic Chappell Drawing (B/W):  Fantasy/Comic Clone Commando Boss 3rd Place
Kelly Groda Drawing (B/W):  Fantasy/Comic Belle 2nd Place
Cindy Lara Drawing (B/W):  Fantasy/Comic Nature 1st Place
Halle Norman Drawing (B/W):  Original Girl 2nd Place
Bo Schmitt Drawing (B/W):  Original Fiat 100-90 Tractor 1st Place
Kale Turner Drawing (B/W):  Original Grandad's Truck 3rd Place
Troy Gallardo Drawing (Color): Landscape The Lion King 2nd Place
Kurion Walker Drawing (Color): Landscape Sunset Breakup 3rd Place
Christopher Bello Drawing (Color): Still Life Cotton Fun 1st Place
Cindy Lara Drawing (Color): Animal/Bird Special 1st Place
Armondo Netro Drawing (Color): Animal/Bird Peck 2nd Place
Chad Roach Drawing (Color): Animal/Bird Choco 3rd Place
Alan Garcia Drawing (Color):  Fantasy/Comic Barcelona Shirt 2nd Place
Madison Thompson Drawing (Color):  Fantasy/Comic Bright Heart 3rd Place
Amy Vazquez Drawing (Color):  Fantasy/Comic Deep Sea Exploration 1st Place
Parker Colley Drawing (Color):  Original rose & ball & chain 2nd Place
Jasmine Moon Drawing (Color):  Original Coca Cola 1st Place
Luiz Olvera Drawing (Color):  Original CAROUSEL 3rd Place
Emily Newman Pastel: Animal/Bird Billy 2nd Place
Shakira Rodriguez Crayon: Animal/Bird Jack the Rooster 2nd Place
Gabriela Gomez Mixed Media: Landscape The Farm Boy 2nd Place
Madison Manning Mixed Media: Landscape Northern Lights 3rd Place
Saul Alvarado Mixed Media: Still Life Red Rose 2nd Place
Delfino Hernandez Mixed Media: Still Life Jordan shoe 1st Place
Gabriela Gomez Mixed Media:  Portrait Flower Girl 3rd Place
Alison Majors Mixed Media:  Portrait Indecisive 2nd Place
Jose Lopez Mixed Media: Animal/Bird Peace 2nd Place
Rylie Lounsbury Mixed Media: Animal/Bird Jhonny and the basket of apples 3rd Place
Norma Delgado Mixed Media:  Fantasy/Comic Lanterns on the water 1st Place
Isha Mistry Mixed Media:  Fantasy/Comic Blast from the Past 2nd Place
Camila Serrano Mixed Media:  Fantasy/Comic Underglobal 3rd Place
Sophia Wintersteen Pen & Ink: Original Silly Dilly 2nd Place


Dianna Daugherty Acrylic:  Landscape Fish Girl 1st Place
Shelby Goff Acrylic:  Landscape Talks with Nature 3rd Place
Mollie Simmons Acrylic:  Landscape Suzy 2nd Place
Jacqueline Diaz Acrylic:  Original Franklin 2nd Place
Lesly Estrada Acrylic:  Original The Kiss 3rd Place
Shelby Courreges Oil:  Portrait Homeslice 1st Place
Shelby Goff Watercolor: Landscape The Fine Line of Life 3rd Place
Jesus Osornio Watercolor: Landscape The Southwest 2nd Place
Mackenzie Barley Watercolor:  Portrait Idol 2nd Place
Madison Goodrich Watercolor:  Portrait Epiphany 3rd Place
Itaii Luna Watercolor:  Portrait GOD IS A WOMAN 1st Place
Michael Henry Watercolor: Animal/Bird The Fox 3rd Place
Sarai Martinez Watercolor: Animal/Bird Spirit Lion 1st Place
Allyson Swafford Watercolor: Animal/Bird SEASONED DEER 2nd Place
Alex Alvarado Watercolor: Abstract Water Horse 2nd Place
Jacqueline Diaz Watercolor: Abstract Lyrical 3rd Place
Zaushlynn Lee Watercolor:  Fantasy/Comic Realism of Hippies 3rd Place
Sofia Perez Watercolor:  Fantasy/Comic Snow Day 2nd Place
Mackenzie Barley Watercolor:  Original Inquituous Infatuation 1st Place
Madison Goodrich Watercolor:  Original Mochi 2nd Place
Jorja Wilson Watercolor:  Original Sasha 3rd Place
Jorge Alvarez Drawing (B/W): Landscape The Night 2nd Place
Tykerries Farrier Drawing (B/W): Landscape Swinging High 1st Place
Jose Balderas Drawing (B/W): Still Life Trukk 1st Place
Iluvia Melendez Drawing (B/W): Still Life The Surviving Mind 2nd Place
Zuleyma Diaz Drawing (B/W):  Portrait Dios 3rd Place
Shelby Goff Drawing (B/W):  Portrait Eyes of the City 1st Place
Madelyn Pugsley Drawing (B/W):  Portrait ME 1st Place
Rafe Adams Drawing (B/W): Animal/Bird Black Cat 3rd Place
Liliana Mancias Drawing (B/W): Animal/Bird Puerco 2nd Place
Marisol Morales Drawing (B/W): Animal/Bird Gato Blanco 1st Place
Evelynn Castillo Drawing (B/W):  Fantasy/Comic Dark Devil Fairy 2nd Place
Angel Marino Drawing (B/W):  Fantasy/Comic Broly 3rd Place
Anaeli Navarro Drawing (B/W):  Fantasy/Comic Erroliana 1st Place
Alex Alvarado Drawing (B/W):  Original Boots and Spurs 3rd Place
Jared McNutt Drawing (B/W):  Original The Skyview 1st Place
Madelyn Pugsley Drawing (B/W):  Original Dreams 2nd Place
Danielle Merriman Drawing (Color): Landscape Little Girl Pointing 1st Place
Daylin Deleon Drawing (Color):  Portrait Old Fair Memories 1st Place
Elian Gonzalez Drawing (Color):  Portrait Perspective 3rd Place
Johann Sanchez Drawing (Color): Animal/Bird Galaxy Pond 1st Place
Alex Solis Drawing (Color): Animal/Bird Summer Ducks 2nd Place
Eimy Candelero Drawing (Color):  Fantasy/Comic FLOURISHING SECRETS 2nd Place
Alexandria Ibanez Drawing (Color):  Fantasy/Comic Anubis 1st Place
Marco Ponce Drawing (Color):  Fantasy/Comic PIKA POWER 3rd Place
Madison Goodrich Drawing (Color):  Original Me 2nd Place
Juan Perez Drawing (Color):  Original Over the rainbow 1st Place
Zuleyma Diaz Pastel:  Fantasy/Comic Lost Dwarf 3rd Place
Alexis Martin Pastel:  Fantasy/Comic Passion 2nd Place
Zuleyma Diaz Pastel:  Original Fire Rose 3rd Place
Alexis Martin Pastel:  Original Colorful Calamity 2nd Place
Madison Goodrich Computer Assist:  Portrait Singularity 3rd Place
Macy Cox Computer Assist: Original Birdie Sue 3rd Place
Katelyn Baker Mixed Media: Landscape Cactus 3rd Place
Mya Clark Mixed Media: Landscape Crispy Sky 1st Place
Cessia Gonzalez Mixed Media:  Portrait Future Hope 2nd Place
Cheyanne Williams Mixed Media:  Portrait Never Broke Again 3rd Place
Jose Castro Mixed Media: Animal/Bird Fox News 3rd Place
Carter Nicholson Mixed Media: Animal/Bird The Catch 2nd Place
Paolo Ventura Mixed Media: Animal/Bird "Prehistoric" 1st Place
Carolina Salas Mixed Media: Abstract Girl on Train Tracks 2nd Place
Luis Becerra Mixed Media:  Fantasy/Comic THE BLUE MOON 2nd Place
Jacqueline Castro Mixed Media:  Fantasy/Comic Happy Birthday Winnie the Pooh 3rd Place
Willow Duncan Mixed Media:  Fantasy/Comic Nebula 1st Place
Mackenzie Barley Mixed Media:  Original Fragmented Inerrancy 1st Place
Peyton Easley Mixed Media:  Original We Are All Beautiful 3rd Place
Itaii Luna Mixed Media:  Original PRIDE BOY 2nd Place
Emily Majors Pen & Ink:  Portrait The Crucible 1st Place
Cheyanne Williams Pen & Ink: Animal/Bird Bucky 3rd Place
Mackenzie Barley Pen & Ink: Fantasy/Comic Losing My Mind 3rd Place
Peyton Easley Pen & Ink: Fantasy/Comic Bored 2nd Place
Faith Hampton Pen & Ink: Original Floral Kaleidoscope 2nd Place
Emily Majors Pen & Ink: Original Project 12:52 3rd Place
Sofia Perez Pen & Ink: Original Get You To The Moon 1st Place


Crystal Chandler Acrylic:  Landscape Find Rest My Soul 3rd Place
Micah Ruland Acrylic:  Landscape A Texans return 2nd Place
Micah Ruland Acrylic:  Portrait Feeling a Little Green 1st Place
Marylin Dow Acrylic:  Animal/Bird TIGER 3rd Place
Judy Northum Acrylic:  Animal/Bird Mama's Pet Coon 2nd Place
Micah Ruland Acrylic:  Animal/Bird Bully for You 1st Place
Mary Jo Heavin Acrylic:  Fantasy Dead Tree 1st Place
Lynda Tyler Acrylic:  Fantasy Made You Smile 2nd Place
Sherrie Campbell Acrylic:  Original Heart of Goddess  2nd Place
Judy Northum Acrylic:  Original Mama's New Hat 1st Place
Brandie Tobyn Acrylic:  Original Wonderfully made-Girl 3rd Place
Pat L. Hood Watercolor: Landscape Paradise 2nd Place
Ashley Dietz Drawing (B/W): Landscape Sticks of Bloom 3rd Place
Ashley Dietz Drawing (B/W):  Portrait Self Image 2nd Place
Angela Hockett Drawing (Color): Landscape Loner 1st Place
Angela Hockett Drawing (Color): Still Life Country Sunshine 1st Place
Angela Hockett Drawing (Color):  Portrait Junior 1st Place
Julius Shumate Drawing (Color):  Portrait fantasy girl 2nd Place
Julius Shumate Drawing (Color):  Portrait Shaggy & Scooby Doo 3rd Place