Creative Arts

Creative Arts 2013

Section A - Needlework

Best of Class Winners 1st place  
Counted Cross-Stitch: Item larger than 12 x 12 Betty Brock adult
First Place Winners    
Counted Cross-Stitch: Item 12x12 or smaller Blanca Avellaneda  
Needlework: Wall Hangings Raegan Barnum  
Pot Holders Raegan Barnum  
Counted Cross-stitch: Item 12x12 or smaller Betty Brock adult
Plastic Canvas: Item 12x12 or smaller Sharon Kennedy adult
Pot Holders Gracie McClendon youth
Crewel-Kit:Item larger than 12x12 Sandra Reddin  

Section B - Handwork

Section C - Clothing

First Place Winner    
Children School Wear Caroline Ford adult


Section D - Holiday Corner

Sweepstakes Winner Best of Show, Best of Class & 1st place  
Machine Sewn Item Jane Bussell adult
Best of Show Winner Best of Class & 1st place  
Holiday Wreath Krystal Hosmer  
Best of Class Winners 1st place  
Christmas Decoration Seth Clark youth
Christmas Decoration Lois Holt  
Holiday Wreath Krystal Hosmer  
Holiday Wreath Christy Parker adult
First Place Winners    
Any holiday table decoration Wanda Tucker adult
Any holiday tree decoration Eric Verwolf  
Christmas decoration Sharon Kennedy adult
Holiday wreath Krystal Hosmer  
Holiday wreath Christy Parker adult
Christmas Stocking Eric Verwolf  
Halloween decorations Logan Hamelinck  

Section E - Crocheting

Sweepstakes Winners Best of Show, Best of Class & 1st Place  
Crochet Afghan Joshua Decker  
Crochet Afghan Eliza Ramirez  
Miscellaneous crochet Sally J Payne  
Best of Class Winners 1st place   
Crochet Ensemble Joshua Decker  
Miscellaneous Crochet Leslie Jenkins  
Crochet Shirt & Head Band Mary Jo Heavin adult
First Place Winners    
Crochet Afghan Margaret Laing  
Crochet Afghan Judy Y Thompson  
Hat Lily Chandler youth
scarf Sharon Songer  
Miscellaneous crochet Theresa Buck  
Miscellaneous crochet Ellen Clanton  
Dollie Billie Guthrie  

Section F - Knitting

First Place Winner    
Original Work Nelda Johnson  

Section G - Baby Items

Sweepstakes Best of Show, Best of Class & 1st place  
Baby Blankets - original crochet Charey McClendon adult
Cotton Candy Reba Dehls senior
Original pieced quilt Abby Byars  
Original machine made quilt Katie Byars  
Baby Item - centerpiece Kay McCoy  
First Place Winners    
Original crochet blanket Crystal Chandler  
Original Machine made baby quilt Jane Bussell  
Baby Quilt - Applique kit Jane Bussell  
Original crochet afghan Theresa Buck  

Section H - Quilts

Sweepstakes Winner Best of Show, Best of Class & 1st place  
Cross stitch hand quilted kit Margaret Shumate  
Best of Class Winners 1st place  
Hand-quilted Kit - applique Nelda Johnson  
Mixed stitching quilt - original applique Nelda Johnson  
First Place Winners    
Hand quilted kit - pre-printed Sue Steward  
Machine quilted original pieced Connie Strudthoff  
Quilted wall hanging Mike Roberts  

Section I - Crafts

Sweepstakes Best of Show, Best of Class & 1st place  
wreaths - other Delilah Alexander adult
silk flower arrangement large non-hanging Linda Thompson  
Decorated basket/box Linda Thompson  
model - Scale of battle of Alamo Quinton Anderson youth
First Place Winners    
wall hanging Jack Beene senior
wall hanging Linda Thompson  
grapevine wreath Raytheda Peacock  
painted boots Glenda Chapman senior
Room decor - den Kendra Verwolf  
Room decor - outdoor Lily Chandler youth
Room decor - outdoor Wanda Tucker adult
Jewelry - earrings Heather Wood  
Jewelry - set Caroline Ford  
Jewelry - bracelet Debbie Riley  
Small hanging silk arrangement Christine Calvert  
Non-hanging small silk arrangement Melinda Barras  
Bead work - jewelry Christy Parker adult
Bead work - other Sharon Kennedy adult
Accessory - purse Geary Jenkins  
Memory book - cover Kendra Verwolf  
Memory book - single page Sharon Kennedy adult
Memory book - single page Linda Thompson  
Decorated Basket/Box Lily Chandler youth
Mosaic - free standing Wanda Tucker adult
Model - metal Jack Beene senior
Picture frame Sharon Kennedy adult

Section J - Designer Craftmen

Sweepstakes Winners Best of Show, Best of Class & 1st place  
Clay sculpture Lily Chandler youth
large wooden item Wanda Tucker adult
Best of Show Winner Best of Class & 1st place  
Knife & Sheath George Swofford senior
Best of Class Winners 1st place  
small wooden item Karen Becton adult
small wooden item Mary Jo Heavin adult
small wooden item Peyton McClendon youth
Pinewood Derby Seth Clark youth
First Place Winners    
Furniture - baby item Mary Jo Heavin adult
Knife Set Jackie Holt senior
Clay Sculpture Keelee Becton youth
Clay Sculpture Crystal Chandler professional
Clay Sculpture Lily Chandler youth
Clay Sculpture Paul Chandler junior
Clay Sculpture Rose Chandler youth
Clay Sculpture Beth Ledbetter junior
Hand carved walking stick Terry Heavin adult
Metal art Keelee Becton youth
small wooden item Delilah Alexander adult
small wooden item Sam Chappell youth
Medium wooden item Jack Beene senor
Wood cutting - medium football helmet Dennis Ottmer adult
Wood cutting - medium Kerri Ottmer adult
Ceramics Faith Hamelinck youth
Ceramics Gracie McClendon youth