Bake Show

Bake Show 2013

Youth Annesteria Rodrequey French Apple Pie Blue
  Abigail Hoeniges Lemon Pie Blue
  Alexander Van Ryn Coconut Pie Best of Class $50
  Cassidy Carr Chocolate Brownie Pie Red
  Ariel Parr Dish Pan Cookie Blue
  Ariel Parr No Bake Pecan Coconut Praline Cookies Blue
  Alexander Van Ryn Fudge Blue
  Kristen Nugent Chocolate Pound Cake Red
  Savannah Mullins Reeces Bundt Cake Best of Show $100
  Alexander Van Ryn Hawaiian Cheesecake Bars Blue
Junior Tera Rozell Pecan Pie White
  Shonda McNeil Granny Shultice Chocolate Pie White
  Frenekia Curlin Chocolate Pecan Pie Red
  Hailey Holiday Chocolately Chocolate Cookies Blue
  Sydney Van Ryn Fudge Blue
  Sydney Van Ryn Italian Cream Cake Blue
  Kensey Brown Graham Cracker Sheet Cake Blue
  Kandace Brown Toffee Carmel Apple Cake Red
  Paplo Caro Hershey Cake White
  Sydney Van Ryn Hawaiian Cheesecake Bar Red
  Hannah Taylor Pecan Tart Blue
  Eluia Coronado Homemade Rice Crispies White
  Claire Fitch Pina Coloda Cake Best of Class $50
  Alejandro Canader Cherry Berry Peach Pie Best of Show $100
Adult Kelly Coke Apple Pecan Carrot Cake Red
  Kelly Coke Too Much Chocolate Cake Best of Class $50
  Katie Louis Red Velvet Cake Green
  Martha Cutler Mochaccino Cupcake Blue
  Melinda Barras Blue Ribbon Carrot Cake White
  Melinda Barras Margarita Cake Blue
  Amanda Arteaga Carrot Cake Blue
  Lois Holt Peanut Butter Pecan Pie White
  Marie Williams Splenda Peanut Brittle Blue
  Marie Williams Fresh Apple Cake Red
  Vickie Waldrum Strawberry Cake Blue
  Vickie Waldrum Fresh Pear Cake Green
  Brenda Leathers Sweet Potato Cake Blue
  Brenda Leathers Rich Chocolate Peanue Butter Cake White
  Brenda Leathers Prune Cake White
  Joshua Miles Chocolate Expresso Cake White
  Deann Sowels Cherry Pie Best of Show $100
  Deann Sowels Buttermilk Coconute Pie Blue