Pet Show





Sponsored by: Titus County Shelter Friends & Titus County Fair

Date:  Saturday morning, September 30th
Location:  Main Stage

Registration and Judging:

Registration will open at 9:00 a.m. the day of the show.  Show begins at 10:00 a.m.
Classes will include but are not limited to:
         - Longest Ears                           -  Shortest Legs    
         - Longest Tail                             -  Costume Class
        - Parade of Shelter Dogs.  
Additional classes may be added at the time of the show. 

Entry fee per class is a donation of 5 lbs of dog or cat food (to be donated to the Mount Pleasant Animal Shelter).

Entries may be dogs, cats or other domesticated mammals.  No reptiles, birds or wildlife.

1.  Participants may enter only one animal in each class.  Animals may be entered in multiple classes, but can only be entered in each class one time.  Multiple handlers may show each animals, in separate classes.  (Example, a dog may be entered in the longest ears class by one person and entered in shortest legs class by another person.  The dog may not be entered in the same class by different people.)

2.  All animals must be on leash or harness at all times. 

3.  Animals must be taken off the Fairgrounds as soon as the show is over. 

4.  Proof of current Rabies vaccine is required for entry into the show.  (Rabies certificate showing vaccination within the past 12 months, as required by Titus County ordinance.)

5.  Aggressive or unruly animals will be asked to leave.  Show stewards have the authority to determine if an animal is aggressive or unruly.

6.  All minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all times.

7.  Decision of the judges is final.  There will be no appeals of Judges decisions.

8.  Prizes will be awarded at the end of each class.

9.  Admission to the fairgrounds will be limited to 2 free admissions per animal

10. Neither Titus County Fair Association, Titus County Shelter Friends nor anyone associated with this event will be held responsible for damage or accidents to animals or participants.  

2016 Winners
Class Winners:
Longest ears  - 1st place - Jessie Smith, "Molly", 8"
                         2nd place - Natalie Richardson and Hunter Jones, "Remington", 7.25"
                         3rd place - Rebecca Dunn, "Otis", 4"
                         4th place - Lucas Dunn, "Chloe". 3.5":

Shortest legs - 1st place - Chyanne Kunkel, "Snuggles", 5.75"
                        2nd place - Rebecca Dunn, "Otis", 6.25"

Longest Tail -  1st place - Olivia Calhoun, "Steel", 19"
                       2nd place - Joshue Correa, "Sophia", 12"
                       3rd place - Lucas Dunn, "Chloe", 10" and
                                        Ronnie Kunkel, "Gigi", 10"
                       Honorable Mention - Rebecca Dunn, "Otis", 9.5" and
                                                       Chyanne Kunkel, "Snuggles", 9.25"

Ugly Dog - 1st place - Lucas Dunn, "Chloe"
                 2nd place - Rebecca Dunn, "Otis"

Most Obedient - 1st place - Olivia Calhoun, "Steel"

Costume Class - 1st place - Lucas Dunn, "Chloe"

Thanks go to Mid America Pet Foods - they donated 5 big sacks of food and the prizes for the winners.