Poetry Contest

Contest Coordinator:  Leslie Amerson

Lamerson@mpisd.net  or 903-466-3282

Winners will be announced approximately 5:30 p.m., MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 26th in the main auditorium of the North Ridge Church of Christ.

All poems are due in school's office Monday, September 19th.  An Academic Rodeo representative will pick them up at 8 a.m. on Tuesday, September 20th. 

Theme: "Red, White & Blue - Our Fair's For You!"
 (The topic does not have to be Titus County Fair related.)

Contest Guidelines:
*  Students in Grades 7-8 are eligible to participate.

*  Notebook paper, pencil or ink.  No typing.

*  These poems should be written during class time if at all possible.

*  Free Verse - This means that the poem will tell a story and does not have to rhyme.

*  It must have at least 12 lines and no more than 24 lines.

*  The poem should have a title that adds meaning to the piece, not simply repeating words from the poem.

*  Poems will also be judged based on the poem's figurative language.  Word usage, such as metaphors and hyperboles, should be utilized to add a forceful, dramatic or illuminating effect.

* Descriptive language, such as similes and sensory details, are highly recommended.

* Student's name, grade, school, parent/guardian's name and address must be on BACK of each poem.  For homeschoolers, please include name and phone number for contact information.

As part of the writing process, teachers may edit the student submissions.

POEMS WILL NOT BE RETURNED (except for the winners).  Copies of the poems should be made before the collection date if your campus deems necessary.

First place winners of each grade level will receive $30 Walmart Gift Cards, Second place will receive $20 Gift cards and Third place will receive $10 Gift Cards.

Ribbons and free tickets will be given to the winning participants and their parents that are present.