Academic Decathlon

Contest Coordinator:  Cindy Perryman

903-524-2601 (home)
903-573-4760 (cell)

Team members must be registered in school office by September 19th.  These forms may be picked up by an Academic Rodeo representative or the school may fax them to Jeff McClendon @ 903-572-7649.

Contest Guidelines
1.  COMPETITION will be held at North Ridge Church of Christ.

2.  TIME
a) 6th Grade Teams:  Sunday, September 25, report to testing sight at 2:15 pm; testing will begin at 2:30 pm

b) 7th Grade Teams:  Sunday, September 25, report to testing sight at 3:15 pm; testing will begin at 3:30 pm

c) 8th Grade Teams:  Sunday, September 25, report to testing site at 3:15 pm; testing will begin at 3:30 pm

d)  The 7th grade Academic Decathlon and the 8th grade Academic Decathlon will occur simultaneously.  However; they are still two separate contests that will take place in two separate locations

e) Teams arriving after their 2:30/3:30 p.m. beginning testing time will not be allowed to compete.

f) Each team must be accompanied by a sponsor from the school to serve as monitor during testing.

g) After testing is complete the room will be cleared and only Academic Rodeo officials will remain during grading.


a) Teams will consist of no more than five (5) students in the same grade level in which their team will compete.

b) The top 4 scores will be used for the Team Score.  In the event of a tie the 5th member's score will be used to determine the winner.


a) Test will be multiple choice with 'bubble in' answer keys. (such as Scantron)  Students should be prepared for electronic assessment.  "Bubble in" carefully.

b) Test questions have been taken from grade appropriate texts:

     6TH & 7TH GRADES will be tested in areas of Math, Science & Social Studies.  (Text questions came from 5th & 6th grade state adopted texts.)

     8TH GRADE will be tested im areas of Math, Science, English, Texas History & Texas Geography.  (Test questions from the 7th grade state adopted texts.)

c) Participants will be given 20 minutes to answer as many questions as possible... each correct answer is worth one (1) point.

d) No Calculators Allowed.


a) Test packets will be given to each team member upon check in - - DO NOT OPEN Packet until Told To Do So.

b) Packets will include the member's test, answer sheet, scratch paper.  Pencils will be provided.

c) Participants will not write on the test... only answer keys graded.

d) There will be no talking during testing... all participants will stay in testing room until test is finished.

e) One sponsor or coach per team should be in the testing site during testing... parents and friends are to wait outside testing site.

f) After the testing, the teams and coaches will wait in the East Room during scoring.

g) Scoring should take approximately 20 minutes.  Results will be announced in the East Room.

6.  The First Place team will receive $30 Walmart Gift Cards, Second Place will receive $20 Gift Cards, and Third place will receive $10 Gift Cards.

7. All participants will receive a ribbon.

8. Free tickets to the fair will be given to each team member and their parents that are present.

9.  We will do our best to meet special needs of participants, but we must be notified of these needs by September 26th in order to have time to make necessary preparations.