Food Preservation

Food Preservation

Winners and the people that make it possible.  

Food Preservation 2024

Kati Whitaker, Chairman

Entry Labels

Registration Monday, September 23rd, 12:00 noon - 6:00 p.m.
Titus County Civic Center

Refer to General Rules - Creative Arts Department

1. Must be in standard canning jars – PINTS AND QUART JARS ACCEPTED. Jelly jars are acceptable for jellies, jams, etc.

2. Must be labeled using special label (smaller label) included in the catalog. Place small label ½ inch from bottom of jar with name and name of food item corresponding to list in catalog.

3. ENTRIES WILL BE DISQUALIFIED IF JARS ARE NOT CLEAN, NOR IN GOOD CONDITION, NOR SEALED PROPERLY; NOT IN STANDARD CANNING JARS; OR NOT LABELED PROPERLY. (Standard canning jars are those with the raised letters on the side of jar – not on the bottom.) NO PARAFFIN ACCEPTED ON ANY ITEMS. No items are tasted for judging. No cracked jars accepted.

4. Must have a new ring.

5. Dried items may be entered in non-sealed canning jars.

Suggestion: Do not leave jars in hot car during the day. Jars that overheat may get too hot and unseal or boil over. Suggest jars be put in cooler, if it’s necessary they be stored in car before entering at fair.


Class 1 – Tomatoes
     a.  Whole (entry code: FP-A01a)
     b.  Cut (entry code: FP-A01b)  
     c.  Mixed (entry code: FP-A01c)          
Class 2 - Corn
     a.  Whole Kernel (entry code: FP-A02a)
     b.  Creamed (entry code: FP-A02b)
Class 3 –  Carrots
     a.  Whole  (entry code: FP-A03a)
     b.  Diced  (entry code: FP-A03b)
     c.  Sliced  (entry code:  FP-A03c)
Class 4 – Peas 
     a.  Crowder  (entry code: FP-A04a)
     b.  Purple Hull  (entry code: FP-A04b)
     c.  English  (entry code: FP-A04c)
     d.  Black-eyed  (entry code: FP-A04d)
     e.  Cream  (entry code: FP-A04e)
      f.  Other Pea Varieties  (entry code:  FP-A04f)
Class 5 – Beans
     a. Green beans – whole, fancy pack (entry code: FP-A05a)
     b. Green beans – cut, standard pack (entry code: FP-A05b) 
     c. Ranch Style Beans (entry code: FP-A05c)
     d. Pinto Beans (entry code:FP-A05d)
     e. Other Bean Varieties  (entry code:  FP-A05e)
Class 6 – Potatoes 
     a.  Whole (entry code: FP-A06a)
     b.  Diced (entry code: FP-A06b)
     c.  Sliced (entry code: FP-A06c)
Class 7 - Sweet Potatoes (entry code: FP-A07)
Class 8 – Onions (entry code: FP-A08)
Class 9 – Okra (entry code: FP-A09)
Class 10 – Peppers 
     a.  Jalapeno (entry code: FP-A10a)
     b.  Other Pepper Varieties (entry code: FP-A10b)
Class 11 - Squash
     a.  Yellow  (entry code:  FP-A11a)
     b.  Zucchini  (entry code:  FP-A11b)
     c.  Other Squash Varieties  (entry code:  FP-A11c)
Class 12 - Miscellaneous Vegetables 
     a.  Mixed Vegetables  (entry code:  FP-A12a)
     b.  Soup Mixture  (entry code:  FP-A12b)
     c.  Vegetable Juice (ex: tomato)  (entry code:  FP-A12c)
     d.  Other Vegetable Varieties  (entry code:  FP-A12d)

FRUITS – Section B

Class 1 – Berries (entry code: FP-B01)
Class 2 – Peaches (entry code: FP-B02)
Class 3 – Plums (entry code: FP-B03)
Class 4 – Apples (entry code: FP-B04)
Class 5 – Pears (entry code: FP-B05)
Class 6 - Miscellaneous Fruits
     a.  Mixed Fruits (entry code:  FP-B06a)
     b.  Other Fruit Varieties (entry code:  FP-B06b)

PICKLES – Section C

Class 1 - Dill Cucumber 
     a.  Whole (entry code: FP-C01a)
     b.  Sliced (entry code: FP-C01b)
     c.  Sticks (entry code: FP-C01c)
     d.  Chunk/Chopped (entry code: FP-C01d)
Class 2 – Sweet Cucumber
     a.  Whole (entry code: FP-C02a)
     b.  Sliced (entry code: FP-C02b)
     c.  Sticks (entry code: FP-C02c)
     d.  Chunks/Chopped: (entry code: FP-C02d) 
Class 3 – Sour Cucumber
     a.  Whole (entry code: FP-C03a)
     b.  Sliced (entry code: FP-C03b)
     c.  Sticks (entry code: FP-C03c)
     d.  Chunk/Chopped (entry code: FP-C03d)
Class 4 – Kosher Dills 
     a.  Whole (entry code: FP-C04a)
     b.  Sliced (entry code: FP-C04b)
     c.  Sticks (entry code: FP-C04c)
     d.  Chunk/Chopped (entry code: FP-C04d)
Class 5 – Bread & Butter (entry code: FP-C05)
Class 6 – Lime Pickles (entry code: FP-C06)
Class 7 - Hot Garlic  (entry code: FP-C07)
Class 8 – Okra (entry code: FP-C08)
Class 9 – Beets (entry code: FP-C09)
Class 10 – Peppers
     a.  Whole (entry code: FP-C10a)
     b.  Sliced (entry code: FP-C10b)
Class 11 – Jalapeno Peppers 
    a.  Whole (entry code: FP-C11a)
    b.  Sliced (entry code: FP-C11b)
Class 12 – Banana Peppers 
   a.  Whole (entry code: FP-C12a)
   b.  Sliced (entry code: FP-C12b)
Class 13 – Squash 
    a.  Yellow (entry code: FP-C13a)
    b.  Zucchini (entry code: FP-C13b)
    c.  Other Squash Varieties (entry code: FP-C13c)  
Class 14 – Miscellaneous Pickled Items (entry code: FP-C14)

RELISHES – Section D

Class 1 – Hot Pepper Relish (entry code: FP-D01)
Class 2 – Sweet Pepper Relish (entry code: FP-D02)
Class 3 – Tomato Relish (entry code: FP-D03)    
Class 4 – Cucumber Relish 
     a.  Sweet Cucumber Relish entry code:  FP-D04a)
     b.  Dill Cucumber Relish (entry code:  FP-D04b)
     c.  Other Cucumber Relish (entry code:  FP-D04c)
Class 5 – Squash Relish
     a.  Yellow Squash Relish (entry code: FP-D06a)
     b.  Zucchini Squash Relish (entry code: FP-D06b)
     c.  Other Squash Relish (entry code:  FP-D06c)
Class 6 – Specialty Relishes  
     a.  Corn Relish (entry code: FP-D06a)
     b.  Sauerkraut (entry code:  FP-D06b)
     c.  Miscellaneous Special Relish (entry code:  FP-D06c)


Class 1 – Plum Jam/Conserves (entry code:  FP-E01)
Class 2 – Peach Jam/Conserves  (entry code: FP-E02)
Class 3 – Strawberry Jam/Conserves  (entry code: FP-E03)
Class 4 – Dewberry Jam/Conserves (entry code: FP-E04)
Class 5 – Blackberry Jam/Conserves  (entry code: FP-E05)
Class 6 – Muscadine Jam/Conserves  (entry code: FP-E06)
Class 7 – Grape Jam/Conserves (entry code:  FP-E07)
Class 8 – Apple Jam/Conserves (entry code:  FP-E08)
Class 9 – Pepper Jam/Conserves
     a.  Jalapeno Jam/Conserve (entry code: FP-E09a)
     b.  Sweet Pepper Jam/Conserve (entry code: FP-E09b)
     c.  Other Pepper Jam/Conserve (entry code: FP-E09c)    
Class 10 - Miscellaneous Jams/Conserves (entry code: FP – E10)

JELLIES – Section F

Class 1 – Plum Jelly  (entry code:  FP-F01)
Class 2 – Peach Jelly (entry code: FP-F02)
Class 3 – Strawberry Jelly (entry code: FP-F03)
Class 4 – Dewberry Jelly (entry code: FP-F04)
Class 5 – Blackberry Jelly (entry code: FP-F05)
Class 6 – Muscadine Jelly (entry code: FP-F06)
Class 7 – Grape Jelly (entry code: FP-F07)
Class 8 – Apple Jelly (entry code: FP-F08)
Class 9 – Pear Jelly (entry code: FP-F09)
Class 10 – Pepper Jelly 
     a.  Jalapeno Pepper Jelly  (entry code:  FP-F10a)
     b.  Sweet Pepper Jelly  (entry code:  FP-F10b)
     c.  Other Pepper Jellies  (entry code:  FP-F10c)
Class 11 – Miscellaneous Jellies (entry code: FP-F11)


Class 1 - Plum Preserves/Marmalades  (entry code: FP-G01)
Class 2 - Peach Preserves/Marmalades  (entry code: FP-G02)
Class 3 - Strawberry Preserves/Marmalades  (entry code: FP-G03)
Class 4 - Dewberry Preserves/Marmalades  (entry code: FP-G04)
Class 5 - Blackberry Preserves/Marmalades  (entry code: FP-G05)
Class 6 - Pear Preserves/Marmalades  (entry code: FP-G06)
Class 7 - Fig Preserves/Marmalades (entry code: FP-G07)
Class 8 - Miscellaneous Preserves/Marmalades  (entry code: FP-G08)


Class 1 - Butters 
     a.  Apple Butter (entry code: FP-H01a) 
     b.  Peach Butter (entry code: FP- H01b)
     c.  Pear Butter (entry code: FP-H01c)  
     d.  Plum Butter (entry code: FP-H01d)
     e.  Miscellaneous Butters (entry code: FP-H01e)

Class 2 - Honey  
    a.  Comb in Honey (entry code: FP-H02a) 
     b. No Comb Honey (entry code: FP-H02b)

Class 3 - Miscellaneous Soft Spreads (entry code: FP-H03)


Class 1 - Canned Meats (entry code:  FP-I01)
Class 2 - Dried Meat  (entry code: FP-I02)
Class 3 - Dried Fruit  (entry code: FP-I03)
Class 4 - Dried Vegetables  (entry code: FP-I04)
Class 5 - Dried Herbs (entry code: FP-I05)
Class 6 - Salsa/Picante (entry code: FP-I06)
Class 7 - Sauces & Specialties 
    a.  Barbecue Sauce (entry code: FP-I07a)
    b.  Chili Sauce (entry code:  FP-I07b)
    c.  Tomato Sauce (entry code:  FP-I07c)
    d.  Other Specialties (entry code:  FP-I07d)








2019 Sweepstakes Winners
Youth - Lilly Cameron - Grape Jelly
Junior - Layla McMains - Cut Tomatoes
Adult - Mike Swafford - Mixed Peppers
Senior Citizen - Eddie Mae Hosmer- Mayhew Jelly

2018 Sweepstakes Winners

Sally Lewellen, Whole Green Beans
Kay McCoy, Miscellaneous Jelly
Miriam Rose Simmons, Apple Plum Butter

2017 Fresh Preserving Award Winners

Food Preservation contests is intended to promote safe home canning practices, not recipe or taste. The USDA and the National Center for Home Food Preservation provide guidelines for Food Preservation contests. The following is a direct quote from these guidelines:

“The personal safety of the judge should also be considered. Whether or not to taste canned foods is an extremely important issue to address. It is recommended that home canned foods not be tasted by judges. Not all spoilage can be detected by normal human senses (taste, odor, appearance, etc.). And, even though dishonest exhibitors may be rare, labels may occasionally contain falsified process times and methods. If event organizers are insistent that tasting take place, the only canned foods that should be tasted are jellies, jams and other fruit preserves made with high concentrations of sugar or flavored vinegars. There should be enough sugar and acid in these products to protect against the growth of most harmful microorganisms.”

The judging criteria for food preservation exhibits varies whether it is canned vegetables, fruits, jams and jellies, juices, etc. The criteria includes Container (USDA approved materials), Packing (USDA approved processing and headspace), Quality (color, consistency, and free of blemishes), and Appearance (free from sediment, foreign matter, and artificial coloring).