Essay Contest 2021

Essay Contest

Contest Coordinator:  

Leslie Pritchett


Winners will be announced thru the website and each of the schools.  

All essays are due in school's office Monday, September 20th.  An Essay Contest representative will pick them up at on Tuesday, September 21st.

Contest Guidelines: 

Theme for 2021:  Let the Good Times Roll

     Grades 3 - 4    100 to 200 words (must not be over 200 words) 

                             Can be written in Spanish for Grades 3-4 
                             There will no longer be a separate contest for Spanish essays. 
                             All essays, Spanish and English, will compete in the same Grade level contest.  

     Grades 5 - 6    200 to 400 words (Must not be over 400 words)

1.  Essays should be on notebook paper in pencil or ink.  No typing.

2.  Essays should be written during class time if possible.  Essays will be graded per STAAR criteria.  (Introduction, body and closing.)  Essay may be narrative or expository.  As part of the writing process, teachers may edit the student submissions.

3.  Write the student's name, grade, school, parent/guardian's name and address on BACK of each essay.  For homeschoolers, please include a name and phone number for contact information. (Information must be on the back.)

4.  Have the number of words written at the bottom of essay. 

5.  ESSAYS WILL NOT BE RETURNED (except for the winners).  Copies of the essays should be made before the collection date if your campus deems necessary.

6.  Winning participants will receive a ribbon and a free ticket to the fair.