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Coffey Anderson

Coffey grew up in the small town of Bangs, Texas. His father worked at the local jail and his
mother was a junior high English teacher. He attended a small town college and borrowed a
guitar from a then girlfriend’s dad. Learning chords in his dorm room and singing would attract
his fellow college students to come and listen. After singing in a local opening slot for a band
that came to town, Coffey had a small buzz. He never looked back! After record labels, felt like
Coffey wasn't ready to be signed, Coffey created and started
his OWN career. Coffey used his music, comedy, and his personality to get his Youtube channel
to over 100,000 subscribers. He then started producing his own albums, booking his own
shows, and editing his videos in his garage. With Youtube and Facebook combined, Coffey
Anderson has over 500,000,000 VIEWS. Coffey, Southern Man, standing at 6’5, currently, Coffey
has sold over 500,000 iTunes downloads (without a record label), has over 107,000 YouTube
subscribers, over 520,000 Facebook likes, over 31,000 Twitter followers and over 57,000
Instagram followers!
ALL FROM THE GARAGE! Coffey is constantly touring on stage, performing at big concerts like
Rodeo Houston, meeting the President at the White House, singing live on the Snoop & Martha
cooking show, but still doing county fairs, private events, festivals, and faith-based shows. He is
also a national commercial actor with the likes of Disney, Taco Bell, and Blue Cross Blue
Shield. His last full length release, Cowboy Style, debuted at #2 on iTunes Country charts. He
beat out the likes of Chris Stapleton and Kane Brown. It also debuted #16 on the Billboard
music charts. He beat out the likes of Justin Timberlake and Ariana Grande.
Coffey has performed on Fox and Friends, Glenn Beck’s The Blaze, CMT, BET, TBN, NBC, and
countless stages making people laugh with jokes, and dance with his golden voice. Since his
stint on NBC’s Nashville Star, Coffey typically performs 2-3 shows per week. From small
stadiums to rodeos, coffee houses to bars and taverns, weddings and private events. Coffey has
found his niche in a variety of atmospheres across the world. A fan favorite night in – night out,
Coffey appeals to all markets with his down-to-earth charisma, southern charm, and comedic
Coffey has partnered with great charity organizations like: Keegans Promise, the
Military Warriors Support Foundation based in San Antonio, Texas in order to help raise funds
to award mortgage free homes to wounded war heroes. He has also partnered with Leer
Vineyards out of Byron, California to become the face of Heroic Red Wine, which is a red wine
that gives a portion of every bottle sold to the MWSF to support the awarding of these
mortgage free homes. Coffey’s life-size stand up figure can now be found in Wal-Mart
Supercenter’s across the country, alongside the Heroic Red wine. This star is rising.


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